Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pistols at Noon

My philisophical pal, GWB, swung by for a workout on his new Sig and some evening fun. We pooled dove breasts and I cooked up a couple of rabbits that were burning a hole in the freezer. 

Red wine and mushroom stew for the bunnies (they were a bit tough, but the sauce was good) and jalapeno popper-style for the dove. I cleverly managed to avoid breaking one of my few remaining teeth on a bit of shot and all in all, great fun.


After Morning Prayer it was time to go down to the range with dogs and break out some pistols against a couple of silhouettes and steel plates. GWB shot well with his Sig 2022 .9mm, and I had fun with a .38 Special and a .45. Note to self: remember to aim and breathe.


The dogs had fun too, enjoying themselves chasing around. Blue Deathwish got progressively excited by the pistol fire and would jump up in the air after each shot, as if to catch the bullet. Not-so-smart dog. 


And just for fun, I tested out my .17HMR against a small pumpkin and its miniature allies.

Bertrand Russell

The .17HMR is devastating against a small pumpkin. 

In case you wondered.

Keep squeezing the trigger,



LL said...

Blue Savage can catch .45 rounds in his new titanium forgot about that. He's just itching to try them out and demonstrate his new skills.

Yes, the .17 at close ranges (under 50 yds) will do that to a deer too. People think that because it's small, it is ineffective. Those people don't understand hydraulics and the effect of a fast moving projectile on a bloodstream.

LSP said...

Shortish range coyote round...

The titanium adds a whole new dimension to "fetch."

Euripides said...

That sounds like a very relaxing day. I must confess that I'm jealous.

LSP said...

It was a good one, Euripides. Note how effective small arms fire is against Bertrand Russell.

Euripides said...

Bertrand received a very close shave indeed with Occam's Razor.

LSP said...

Didn't he just! It seems Bertrand got himself caught in a nasty little numbers game against .17.