Tuesday, December 9, 2014

African Americans Pick Up After Rich White Hippies

Privileged rich white hippies at America's prestigious University of California Berkley have been rioting against racism, leaving African Americans to clean up their mess.

Typical Berkeley Street Scene

For two consecutive nights, roaming gangs of wealthy white hippies have fought running battles with poor mixed race police, trashing the once attractive university town.

In the absence of effective policing, due to rules of engagement which forbid police from using force against their rich white rulers, shop owners have taken to hiring armed private security.

Similar protests have broken out in Chicago, where police have adopted novel psyops tactics against hippy rioters, playing Sweet Home Alabama from unmarked squad cars.

The University of California Berkeley is a well known hippy safe-haven.



LL said...

It's the same people who "occupied" wherever. They live at home, resent mom and dad and go riot. I got a kick out of the situation in Los Angeles over Thanksgiving. There were a bunch of white kids rioting and presetting. LAPD started arresting them and they began to cry because they didn't want criminal records. One man-child whined that he wanted to riot, not be arrested.

They are shit-birds.

LSP said...

I saw similar Thanksgiving nonsense.

Berkeley needs to be shut down.

LL said...

Berkeley is where God needs to put the enema tube...it's on a fault line.

jenny said...

Well that's just embarrassing.

LL said...

There is another way to look at it.

It provides janitorial and clean up jobs for negroes in the private and public sectors. Maybe that's why the rich college kids were rioting? After the stores were destroyed, tagged and burned, black-owned companies will get the contracts to re-build?

LSP said...

I think they may have been up to similar stunts in Austin, Jenny...

LSP said...

Rebuild? Just like they did in Detroit.

jenny said...

I wouldn't put it past our hippies, LSP, but I didn't hear of anything like that here.
Not that I don't deal with privileged little white protestors daily... it's just that they're 2 and 5.

Curiously, I saw a rather upbeat article about Detroit while sitting in the waiting room at the dentist office. Thought of you.
(I think you have to have a subscription, which I don't. It was a mid-November issue, which could be in libraries somewhere, if you were just desperately curious.)

Adrienne said...

Here's a peek into the mind of a libtard. My commie brother's 4th wife posting this on a Facebook thread wherein one of my cousins took my commie brother to task over Obama's illegal amnesty thingy.

I guess you'll be happy your construction costs stay the same, your produce costs won't rise, and all restaurants won't have to raise their prices due to higher labor costs!

Now, help me out here. Isn't she advocating for a form of slavery? She's actually saying that we need to legalize all these illegals so we can pay them less money and we can reap the benefits.

Wow - just wow!

Oh, and his new hero is heretical sister Simone Campbell.

LSP said...

Heh. Austin hippies.

But as for Detroit, every time I go there it's emptier and greener, which is what you get with depopulation, I guess.

But is it "coming back"? I could see the immediate city center having a kind of rich hipster renaissance while the rest reverts to poisoned "parkland."

LSP said...

Nice bit of lib logic, Adrienne.

As for Simone... BAD nun.

LL said...

Roughly 10% of Detroit is livable, 10% is defensible with the help of the police and the other 80% is not patrolled by the police, is not protected by city fire services, etc.

The mainstream media is lauding the 10% segment that is receiving a massive influx of money, however I've been told by people there that it's NOT safe to go out at night. That's really the litmus test. Can you walk outside at night without a couple of mastiffs and a handgun with five spare mags?