Sunday, December 7, 2014

Make His Paths Straight

Being a Parson, I get to preach every Sunday and I tend to stick to the Gospel, while occasionally lashing out at pansexuaists, Libs, Hippies, Marxists, Hitlerites, Illuminati pagans, big government, Bilderberger NWO shills, and assorted progleft enemies. Sometimes General Lee gets an honorable mention, along with Charles Martel and other heroes. Go figure.

Blue Tours

But there was none of that today. I just stuck to the Gospel, which featured John the Baptist, crying out in the wilderness against wickedness. Like Isaiah, preparing the "way of the Lord," making "his paths straight."

But what are the ways by which a thing makes its "path" to us? I suggested that the basic paths in question were fourfold. Viz. Senses, Affections, Intellect, Actions, and when these are blocked and twisted by evil, God can't reach us. So, we have to hear the Baptizer, and clear and straighten the paths through repentance in order for God to make his home in us.

I used lots of examples to illustrate the theme; I thought it was pretty clear. Nothing deep, or even controversial, although I did blast adultery. Then during the Peace, my MC, who's a former rodeo star (world Bronc Champion several years running), asked, "Padre, was there a point to that sermon?" 

Ride More, LSP

He's a good BS barometer and a great horseman, so I looked him in the eye and said, "I think you need to repent." I rode one of his horses the other year around some barrels only to learn afterwards that the animal was worth... a lot. It was like being on a living Ferrari.

In other exciting church news, the ladies of one of the Missions have taken to feeding Blue Armageddon kolaches at Coffee Hour. I rebuke them but they pay no attention.

Things are obviously spinning out of control.



jenny said...

Good sermon! Bad coffee hour ladies!
The only one not in need of repentance is Blue Innocent who looks more and more adorable in every picture you post.

LL said...

Blue Martel (Hammer) is simply charming the food off the plates, which is his right. If you get in his way the new wolverine/terminator fangs will chew through the toughest tank armor.

We all need to repent, LSP. Faith in Jesus Christ is only the gateway through which we come to an understanding that change is required. Change leads to a greater understanding of the living God and the need for more change.

And if they don't repent fast enough, you have Blue Magog to arrange a meeting for them.

LSP said...

You're right. Blue Plenary Indulgence gets a pass...

LSP said...

I think Blue Terminator will act as a real incentive.

He's "sleeping" now, but I'm not fooled.

LL said...

You need to have one of your flock knit a "Cosby-style" Christmas sweater for him so that he can convince the old ladies at the coffee catches to to to the store immediately and bring back a porterhouse or ribeye.