Tuesday, December 23, 2014


"Well, so-called LSP, how did you keep Festivus?" Good question and the answer's simple. I kept Festivus by eating BBQ.

But it was a sad celebration, because it marked the death of one of our Church Wardens. He was a good man. He'd been in the Army and was retired from Dallas PD; I used to greet him at church with a Brit-style salute and he'd always return a snappy American one. He loved guns too, especially Glocks, and I'd say:

"Look, you're Junior Warden, which means you're in charge of Buildings and Grounds."
"Yes, LSP, I am."
"Well then, I think we need to build a shooting house."
"Well I'll get right on it!"

We never did, sadly. Maybe memorial money can go towards that cause.

After the funeral Mass, an interesting looking older woman congratulated me on the service, so I suggested that she come to the Mission on Sundays. "No," she said emphatically. "Why not?" I asked. "Because I'm not an Episcopalian," she replied and I resisted the urge to say "neither are we," as she went on, "I am a Child of God." Her friend chimed in, "No you're not, you're a dam Hindoo."

Make of that what you will, and say a prayer for Loyd. He was an outstanding man with a kind and gentle spirit.

I do not say that lightly.



jenny said...

May Loyd rest in peace. Sorry for your loss, Parson.

A funeral Mass appreciated by the children of God and followed by BBQ is a good farewell.

Mad Padre said...

Rest eternal grant to him, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon him.

In my first parish, I had a chap who was also a pillar of the church, ex law enforcement, who told me he wanted to be buried with the Book of Common Prayer and his .303 Lee Enfield. Sounds like he and Lloyd were cut from similar cloth.