Sunday, December 14, 2014

Good Dog, Bad Dog

Here, even in this imperfect world, you get good dogs.

And bad dogs.

Some dogs are downright wicked.

And if good dogs go to heaven, what happens to the bad ones? They go to dog hell, obviously

Bad dogs take note. You have been warned.



LL said...

Oh, I think that the Bitch of Benghazi will get her 'reward'.

LSP said...

I wish that'd come sooner rather than later.

Adrienne said...

That's the best picture of Blue Rhapsody yet.

I try not to wish bad things on people, even ones as reprehensible as those pictured. I do, however, pray for God's will to be done. Heh

jenny said...

+1 Adrienne

LL said...

Fitting punishment would be to shackle lesbian Hillary to philanderer Bill for all time.