Friday, December 5, 2014

Why Christians Care About Sex

I know. This blog seems to have become a cheap storefront for shallow blasts, rips and tears against Transgender Warriors, Austin, Katy Perry, and associated mountebanks. So here's some serious thought from First Things, about sex:

"The Bible calls for a sanctified sexuality, a sexual system brought under the authority of God. While there’s some level of disconnect between beliefs about sexuality and the actual practice of sexuality that’s seen in the study, the trend lines in America paint a picture of very divergent beliefs about the purpose of one’s sexuality and how it should be ordered. The implications from this are legion, one of which is the impact on religious liberty. What’s happening in America’s disputes over religious liberty are often at root basic disagreements about sex.

"The Relationships in America study reaffirms a central truth in the Christian narrative: Marriage, the dignity of the body, and sexual telos are meant to drive us to the Gospel, one pictured in the marital imagery of the Christ-Church union. Christianity has always taught that our sexual desires are primal and wild; and something to be used according to the Creator’s purposes. When humanity mistreats the good purposes of sexuality according to both reason and revelation, we neglect the purpose and complementarity of sexual design and all the corresponding realities that issue from it."

You may disagree and feel free to do so, but I'd say that was right on the money. See the rest of the article here for some interesting stats.

Now I'm heading off to the range, to shoot some pumpkins.



Brig said...

Holy S^&%, Apparently no one here cares about sex...!

LSP said...

Apparently not. That's what I get for attempting to post something serious...

jenny said...

Just now getting a chance to look at the report. Which, I'm obligated to point out, is from the Austin Institute for The Study of Family and Culture. There you go! Way to be helpful, Austin!!!

Pretty fascinating and in depth stats and analysis.
Also, rather depressing. Ah, humanity.

And, I must give props to First Things for this line: "Around 20 percent of the population is 'Spiritual but not religious' or Atheist/Agnostic/No Religious Affiliation." I love that he went ahead and lumped the areligious spirituals in with atheists. Made a quiet but solid point right there...