Friday, December 12, 2014

Celebrity Socialists!

Russell Brand is a celebrity limo-lib socialist. He's also a comedian and a multi-millionaire. Maybe he goes off to an island and shoots poor "runners" for sport. With all the other Illuminati rock stars.


Russell Brand has 9 million Twitter followers, which is a lot. He also has a stylist who straightens his chest hair, which is repellent by anyone's reckoning.


The remarkably rich Russell Brand believes in something called "liquid democracy," which is presumably a very rich person's version of socialism.

Millionaire Socialists

And he hangs out with a well-known Illuminati witch, Katy Perry. She's a multi-millionaire too, and a socialist.

Katy & Russell

Is this some kind of plot by a Godless, atheistical, NWO Illuminati elite to enslave us? And if not, why does it look that way?

Last I heard, the revolution frowned on celebrity multi-millionaire "comedians."

You have been warned.



LL said...

The revolution loves the wealthy, so long as those wealthy are part of the revolution. All pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others.

LL said...

The celebrity pigs who swill at the trough are like zampolits in the Red Army who delighted in their access to "special stores" and extra rations, or the jewish capos in the Nazi death camps.

The people that I really don't get are all of the rich Hollywood Jews who line up to give the semi-Muslim president money. Why would you do that if you're a Jew?

I'm not a Jew. But I know Jews. Most of them roll in Obama's dung and I just don't get it. It's a lot like being a Jew in Egypt in the days of the Pharos and sucking up to the people who want to whip you. Maybe it's genetic?

Adrienne said...

I find these people to be viscerally repulsive.

LSP said...

You know the saying, LL, "How odd of God to choose the Jews," and Moses must have been a pretty tough man... but it's weird to see the libleft line up behind Islam.

LSP said...

Russell and Katy are a special kind of awesome, Adrienne!

LL said...

Of all people for Jews to support, I'd think that Muslims would be very low on the list. But that's clearly not the case.

Maybe it's a bacon deficiency that somehow impacts common sense?

LSP said...


I love bacon.