Monday, March 9, 2020


Guess what, there's precisely zero reports of Covid-19 on Lake Whitney, Bosque County, Texas. No, not one. That in mind, I put some rods in the back of the rig and headed for water.

The dam spillway was churning, so I headed to the marina cleaning station. Perhaps there'd be piscine action off the still waters of the pier. And sure enough there was. A tug, hookset, and there it was, fish on, and a good one too.

I figured it was a catfish and sure enough it was. A decent fighter and all the more so for a light rod; had to tighten up the drag. Still, it was slow going until an off-chance cast from the side of the pier caught a rumble on the retrieve. 

Snap that rod to! Then BOOM, what a fight. Line out, rod double, calisthenic action. What was this thing, some kind of shark? No, just a monstrous carp. Seriously, a good five minutes fight to bring her in. Thought the line'd snap, but it didn't, fortunately.

Then a boat turned up full of kids, parents and a guide. Great result, they'd been out on the lake to catch striper and had a good cooler full. The little guys were especially proud and excited, which I loved. Kids with a fish, one of the best things. 

The guide, Clay, who's a jovial fellow, agreed, "Man, I just love it when kids get fish. They get to go free." Clay's a good man with a good setup, and when I told him I used Pat as a guide he said, " A fine guide and a fine man." I liked that, all true and then some.

Unlike, say, politicians, with the exception of Eva Peron and 45, who are loved by the people because they have the peoples' interests  at heart. 

As opposed to the ruling oligarchy's transnational, globalist elite, corrupt, asset-stripping, lying, pugnacious, venal, satanic get rich scheme masquerading as politics with you as the beneficiary.

Wake up and drive a stake through the heart of that beast.

Fish on,


Sunday, March 8, 2020

International Womans Day!

You see, there's good women

And bad women

 And something else again.

Generation Equality,


Defend The Greek Border Remove Kebab

Have you heard? Greece is under attack from Turkey which is sending tens of thousands to the Greek border as an invasion force. Greece is saying no, understandably, they don't want to become part of Erdogan's Caliphate.

Remove Kebab

But the Sultan's reckoning on the degenerate, cowardly, unable to fight back nature of the West. Hitler did the same thing, as did the Japanese. Do not mistake forbearance for weakness

Erdogan, you are on notice, it'll get visceral when we go after you. Remember Saddam, you fool.

Remove Kebab,


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Virus Panic Hits Aberystwyth

Sources on the ground in Aberystwyth, a thriving fishing community on the far west coast of Wales, have reported runs on local supermarkets as panic-stricken Welshpersons buy up rice, loo roll and pasta.

"It's weird," stated a local resident on conditions of anonymity, "It's like they think all this Andrex and Vermicelli is going to save them from an escaped ChiCom bioweapon. Hope they boil the rice before they eat it."

So far, Aberytwyth hasn't been quarantined, unlike Milan, which is a different city entirely. Here's a rate of infection graph from Northern Italy. Nothing to worry about, obviously.

Over 1000 people in the Milan area were reported infected by Covid-19 overnight bringing the total to 5,883 as of this morning. Over 230 people have died, do the math.

Good thing China gave us accurate figures, right?



Bad Art Great Art

The many art philosophers who visit this small kebab stand on the information superhighway all agree that the art and architecture of a country or culture reflect its spirit. What does this say about the soul of the West; that Houston, we have a problem? 

While you're wondering if it's OK to sling together abhorrent, degenerate, nihilist, demonic, and hideously ugly cultural collapse in one sentence,  have a look at this, from Russia.

What great art! So perhaps there's hope for us yet, and thanks, Borepatch, for the inspiration.



Friday, March 6, 2020

This is Crazy

A call, urgent, "This is crazy. They're buying all the toilet paper, you would say 'loo roll' or 'Andrex' but it's the same, and the shelves are empty. Send money. They're goddam tasering people."

"Hey, use backyard snow, it's safer. Who knows where that stuff was even made. Stand by for transfer."

All Means All

Thirty minutes later, cold, hard cash was on its way to loo roll stricken Calgary via ones and zeros, Walmart to World digital. Business over, I checked out the store. 

A Doomed Fool is Saved. By a Hero?

Plenty of bathroom tissue on the shelves, and I bought some, now there's less. But what about rice? Lots left, boil it first. 

Plenty of Loo Roll, in Texas

Over at the Pick 'n Steal the radio was on and playing a warning, "Wash your hands, we have this well contained. Do not panic." Maria was rattled, nervous, "I'm trying to sell these things and listen to, you know, this. They're shutting down schools and everything."

You Can Indict a Ham Sandwich

Maybe we should've shut the border with Communist, Godless China long ago. Maybe we should never have opened that border in the first place, and allowed the Bolsheviks to stew and ferment in their own version of hell masquerading as heaven. But no, smart people had to make money.

As ye reap, friends, so shall ye sow. Hope you're all prepped up and ready to bug-in before the shelves empty.



I Lost All My Guns

It was a terrible tragedy.

A disaster.


Thursday, March 5, 2020

Weapon Of Choice

So what's your weapon of choice, 1911, Glock, SIG? Some kind of wheel gun, maybe a .357 Magnum Colt Python? Levers, ARs, SovCom,  shotguns in all their awesomeness, and on. Hey, the sky's the limit but this is how it's turned out for me. Scoff if you like, or not.

My weapon of choice is three weapons. A custom 5.56 AR carbine, a Glock 21 .45ACP (thx RHSM), and a 20 gauge SxS CZ. OK, fine, but why?

Just turned out that way, but probably because they cover all my bases at this moment in time and I can afford them. It'd be an expensive hassle, for example, to focus on No.4 Mk.1 Lee Enfields, much as I love them. 

But there's no rule, what's your real-world weapon of choice?



Wednesday, March 4, 2020

State Of Emergency!

California's declared a state of emergency. Not before time, say the experts, just look at the Governor's hair. Remarkable, let's get a  closer look.


Whoa. Did the hair escape from a bioweapons lab? Is it an artificial weaponized virus from a P4 facility in China or something Newsom grew all on his own? It can't be natural.

Just look at it, terrifying. So thanks, "Governor." Californians can now look forward to some kind of lockdown, which obviously won't apply to illegal aliens because that'd be racist. The hair needs votes.


Perhaps you remember the halcyon days of the Soviet Union. The fortunate Communists weren't allowed to leave their countries because socialism was so very, very awesome.

Workers of the world unite,


A Private Update

The onetime Cadet, now Private, called in from Fort Gordon. He was in rude good health and enjoying the ins and outs of learning to be a tech warrior, though he wants to branch out into something kinetic with it. But first things first.

"Dad, I got punished last week."
"What for?"
"Left a Cheetos wrapper under my cupboard."
"Ah. Good. Attention to detail, right?"

A self-policing voice chimed in, "Don't wanna do that, man, gets roaches in the room." The Private agreed, manfully, "Uh, yeah, that's right," and then laughed, he'd had to write out a chapter of SOP and go on punishment parade for a week. 

I told this edifying tale to a teller at the bank in Whitney and she gave me a fist pump, "Yes!" Imagine the utter disaster if the Army allowed these malfeasants to behave according to their own devices. 

Cheeto skulduggery aside, all seems well in the kid's A School. He should graduate in June and get attached somewhere "network." This, he says, is typically "mobile." Which roughly translated means, "Dad, I want to be part of a Battle Group." His mother's not too keen on that, for obvious reasons.

Still, I get his point, I'd want action too if I was 19 and part of the greatest military the world's ever seen. Secondment to the GREEK LEGION? Just a thought, and let's have Constantinople back where it belongs.



Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Empty Soulless Shills

It's Super Tuesday and what have we here? Three contenders for the DNC throne of total, absolute power. Yes, the presidential nomination itself. So just who are these people?

Joe Biden, handle Groper. Net worth $9 million, a Socialist. Supports up to birth abortion. Age: 77.

Bernie Sanders, aka The Bern. Net worth $2 million, a Socialist, kicked off the commune for thieving from fridges. Supports abortion to the point of birth. Age: 78.

Michael Bloomberg, street name Mini-Mike. Net worth: $64 billion, a dwarven Socialist who hates guns and has no soul. Supports abortion to the point of birth. Age: 78.

Which one of these millionaire, sorry, billionaire socialists will claim the prize? Money's on Biden unless, of course, Michelle decides to run. And will the Anarcho-Marxist Bernists decide to riot? Hey, bring it on. 

Michelle, age 56, has a sturdy socialist net worth of $70 million and she's married to an anointed God King to boot. Roll over, Joe, and let the big dogs in. 

Is Liawatha even in this thing? I forget.

Your Old Friend,


Super Tuesday

Go to the dam and fish, what a great plan, elegant in its simplicity. But how did it work out? Slowly, to be honest, with the slipway waters churning and surging and the fish not biting. Who can blame them, they were surely shell-shocked by the current.

Pedro wasn't having any luck either at the other end of the pier, so I watched the mighty Brazos for a meditative moment or two then headed over to Soldiers' Bluff. Maybe the bite'd be on at the Bluff, which isn't a bluff anymore since it was flooded by the dammed up river.

Reflections on Brazos and Bosque County history aside, the waters of the lake were still and tranquil under the big sky and the bank was empty, peaceful. It had that topwater feel, but I went with worms instead.

Nothing, then a chime on the phone, a text, "I'm hoping for Sanders with plurality, a contested convention at which they hand it to Biden, and then RIOTS." This obviously worked as some kind of trigger because there was vicious tug on the line and out it played.

Up came a predatory socialist bass who was clearly in the business of snatching up free stuff. I put him back to find some other means of production to appropriate, before going berserk when Comrade Bernie's cheated of the nomination yet again. 

One more bass later, a baby, it was time to head for home, mission accomplished. And that, fellow adventurers on the roiling seas of life, is the story of that.

Fish on,