Saturday, November 21, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse Free on Bail


Kyle's finally out on bail, so it seems appropriate to repost this helpful infovideo:

Congrats, Kyle, and well done all those who've defended him.

Since when was self-defense a crime?



Thursday, November 19, 2020

Breaking - Racial Recognition Says Michelle a Man

H/T LL: Amazon's bizarrely dystopian facial recognition software's uncovered an uncomfortable truth, that Michelle Obama may not be "Michelle," but "Mitchel," a man.

High Caste Hindus and right thinking people everywhere agree, it's an issue and a big one. Don't say "Adam's Apple." Say, "down at the trough like a millionaire socialist pig."

But what do you, the reader, understand?

Open Forum,


Live Vicariously


I haven't gone hunting in ages, but my old pal GWB has, in Colorado. He was after Elk and Mule Deer the other day and "nearly froze to death" in the icy blast.

His guide carried a custom rifle chambered for 6.5 SAUM (Short Action Ultra Magnum), interestingly. But did they get a mighty Elk?

Sadly not. Still, that Mule Deer's not shabby at all; a 200 yard shot with a Winchester 70 Featherweight, 30-06. In related news, fellow blogger redpilljew sent this in.

Behold the awesome power of 12g sluggery! I think you won that gunfight, N. Boom.

Gun Rights,


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Starship Troopers


Here we go now. Don't spill your microdots on the way out. #MAGA2020.




People have accused me of being discouraged, disappointed. That's a negative, punters. I trust the plan and where we go one, we go all. Yes, to victory. So to that end, here's some morale boosting photos of bats.


Are they not?



Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Free Will Texan Walkabout


Some say we're the product of elemental and often evil forces, like chemistry, colonialism, and transphobia. For them, the influence is the persynn, which unfortunately defines zhirself out of existence. Others believe in free will and the ability to choose for better or ill, circumstance notwithstanding.

I chose free will this morning and took the rig to the shop for new shocks, struts (Munroe) and a replacement Moog ball joint. The alternative? Spending around 14k on a new/used truck. Was it a good choice? 

We'll see. I strolled over to Montes (YaYa's) after dropping the truck off and had, yet again, a delicious breakfast. Huevos Rancheros, it's always that, my choice. Then headed back to the Compound on foot, only to see that Advent/Christmas decorations are up, and if I had my way they wouldn't be, because it's neither Advent nor Christmas. 

The Town Powers chose badly in this, but even so, new businesses are springing up in what was once a minor capitol of King Cotton. Not least a dog's bakery. Good luck with the dogging, Trumpist entrepreneurs. And a boot shop. I haven't been in either, hopefully they'll survive. 

Back at the Compound I scoured the news for updates on the KRAKEN. Had it been released, would it be? Or was this yet more unproductive verbiage from the rightist twitter bubble. Who knows, though Sydney Powell seems confident. Hope springs eternal.

Then it was back to the shop to find a truck with new suspension. Was the ride better? Yes. Was the vehicle 2" lifted? Yes. Is this better? Definitely. Will the expense justify itself under the clear blue sky of the Lonestar State? This remains to be seen. 

In the meanwhile, acclimatize yourself to the apparent fact that our electoral system, agencies and judiciary are a bought and paid for globalist sham. Again, we knew this, but to see it played out in real-time is... unsettling.

So too is the fact that millions of people voted for Biden and Harris, the Corpse and the Whore. OK, they hate the evil Orange Man, but since when did he take any money from being a politician? 

You'd think leftists, who are against that kind of thing, would have noticed. But no, they voted for the man who's done nothing but enrich himself on the public dime for decades.

And they tell us to wake up. How very puke making.

Walk on,


Monday, November 16, 2020

Is Michelle A Man?!?


One of the best things about the Obamas was how they boosted race relations and helped the working class. Barack's faithful wife figure was a part of that. She didn't have an Adam's Apple.

Neither was she a man, who'd desperately tried to turn itself into a girl under the surgeon's knife.

No, Michelle was a gracious First Lady who wanted to lead her country to greatness because she loved it and its people.

If you believe that you'll believe anything.


Get Yer Ya Yas Out!

Ya Yas? No, not the famous Rolling Stones album but Ya Ya's Mexican diner, which used to be called Montes. It belongs to Ya Ya now because she took it over from the previous owners after being a waitress there for years. Good for her.

The menu's the same, though the waterproof tablecloths have changed from faux western style worked leather to an attractive dun color, complete with horseshoes. And I tell you, it's the best Mexican food in this small Texan farming community. 

I always get huevos rancheros, refried beans, fried potato chunks, two eggs over easy on corn tortillas with salsa fresca. And it comes complete with two tasty homemade tortillas, which you use to clean up the plate as you listen to Mexican dance music over the tannoy and drink strong coffee. Delicious, right on the money and good luck Ya Ya, may you prosper.

There's a dinosaur museum next to the restaurant, featuring reconstructed saurians and even whole fossilized skeletons. It used to be a filling station, the HQ of a chain that extended, according to local legend, to Europe. I haven't been in because the hours are strange, but I will; it'd be good to learn about our Jurassic past after a satisfying encounter with Mexico at Ya Ya's.

We're told by the experts that a comet or asteroid strike killed off the dinosaurs, and maybe it did. We're also told that humans in any way, shape or form didn't exist then, and it seems preposterous to think we did. That said, why are there fossilized human footprints running alongside those of dinosaurs?

Science says they're fake, not dissimilar, when you think about it, to our election results.



Sunday, November 15, 2020

A Ferocious Wolf!

Thanks to 357 Magnum we have exclusive photos and video footage of the White Wolf Mine, somewhere in Arizona:

Yes, a terrifying, robotic "monster wolf." Bears, wisely, run from the wolf and who can blame them? Rumors of tailors, Chinese food and open source intel, wisely construed, are just that, rumors.

A typical wolf

Thanks, 357, for the link.



Sunday Sermon

If you use the new fangled lectionary, chances are you heard the Parable of the Talents this morning at Mass. Remember the story? A man goes on a long journey and entrusts three servants with his money, five Talents to one, two to another and one to the last. 

When the man returns he makes an accounting, and the first two servants do well, they've increased the money entrusted to them, but the third hasn't. He hid his talent in the ground and returns it, only to get a ferocious response, "You wicked and slothful servant!" 

The parable's often interpreted as a cautionary tale in favor of  good stewardship; use the various things God's blessed us with wisely for the growth of his kingdom, at interest. So don't be shy, fill in that pledge card!

All well and good, if underwhelming, and the treatment of the last servant seems harsh. Why is he so wicked? It makes little sense until we consider the number of the treasure.

The five Talents represent the five books of the Law, the Pentateuch, which are described by two Talents, the commandments to love God and neighbor, "on which hang all the Law and the Prophets." This is embodied in the one Talent, in God, Jesus who is the fulfillment of Law and Prophecy. 

No wonder, then, that the sum of the treasure amounts to eight, the number of eternity, new creation, and resurrection, Christ rose on Sunday, the eighth day. The treasure entrusted to his servants is ultimately nothing less than God himself, the indwelling presence of Christ.

Now we understand the wickedness of the final servant. Imagine, on the last day, when God returns and demands an accounting, a reckoning, "What did you do with the treasure I gave you, with myself?" The time for lies and excuses is over and we reply, "I hid it in the dirt, I buried you." At that point Dies Irae, and outer darkness awaits.

Pray for mercy and the increase of the grace which has been given us, nothing less than the indwelling presence of Christ. So that, at the end, when the Man comes around, he will welcome us into the joy of his kingdom.

Here endeth the Lesson,


Saturday, November 14, 2020

This And That


Please don't yawn but our diocesan convention was semi-virtual this year because of the Chinese scamdemic. This meant we met by regional deanery and conducted business via Zoom. Of course I'm in the Deep South Deanery and drove off to Waco and Christ Church.

Downtown Waco

Have you been to Waco? It always strikes me as a town that was bombed during the last Big One and never really rebuilt. Still, Christ Church is going strong and there's signs of life returning to a downtown gutted by asset strippers and associated malfeasants. Good.


There's also the amazingly awesome, incredible, faked up rubbish rip off worth every penny SILOS. You can buy a beautiful made in China tin mug at the Silos for around 10 bucks, which is value because the mug's got Magnolia written on it. Owning the beautiful mug not only makes Chip and Joanna even richer, but adds you to their marketing team, for free! Except that it's not free, you've paid $10 for the privilege. 

Typical Waco Street Scene

Silos aside, the Zoom convention went well enough and it was fun to see some of the Deep South clergy and laity; a faithful crew. As I was pondering this blessing, and working up sermon notes while a Nigerian bishop bellowed over the Zoom link, the PFC called in.

Somewhere in Korea

He's on a mission somewhere in Korea and having fun protecting the border against the commies. Well done, kid, a happy soldier's a happy father. 

In related news, somewhere around a million people descended on DC to march for 45, freedom, and the integrity of our election in the face of a perceived, I'd argue actual, billionaire funded leftist coup. They didn't loot, burn or attack anyone. They were attacked by hate filled leftist revolutionaries.


Curious, isn't it, that all the violence is coming from the left. Shouldn't it be the other way around, given that Trump's literally Hitler and his supporters Nazis? But that's not the case. Patriot doesn't = National Socialist. Does Democrat = Bolshevik? Not necessarily, but the Donkey's strangely silent in the face of the violence and hatred it's encouraged for at least four years.

As we reflect on this disturbing trend and forecast even more disturbing outcomes, remember that evil has a strange way of overplaying its bestial hand.

Your Old Pal,