Saturday, December 5, 2015

Walk Against Jihad

Everyone has to play their part in the war against global Jihad, and I did mine, by taking Blue EOD for a walk through the autumnal boulevards of ye olde Dallas this morning.

My K9 ordnance expert  wasted no time sniffing for potential IEDs and keeping a keen nose out for any random sleeper cells that were thinking of cooking-off for Allah.

He launched at a bus that roared by the 7/11, it wisely didn't stop, and at a Salvation Army truck. Come to think about it, I'll have to work on his threat recognition software...

Then, after a mile or so, the patrol was over and we found ourselves back at HQ. Unscathed. I thank God for that.

Mind how you go,


Friday, December 4, 2015

Obama Just Can't Say Muslim Terrorist

President Obama still can't bring himself to say that a premeditated attack by devout Muslims with semi-auto rifles, pistols, thousands of rounds of ammunition, a bomb factory and self-proclaimed allegiance to ISIS was a terrorist attack; an Islamic terrorist attack. 

He just can't make the massive, almost Kiekegaardian, leap of faith that connects Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik to global Jihad. But he can say ban guns. Here's Pamela Geller:
San Bernardino is in one of the most stringent gun control states in the country. The fact is that these mass shootings usually take place in gun-free zones — except for the attempted jihad massacre at our free speech event in Garland, Texas last May. That jihad attempt had the best of all possible outcomes, because the jihadis were greeted by armed freedom fighters.

And again:
Obama’s jihad-free counter terror policies and jihad denial is the cause of this catastrophic intelligence and law enforcement failure. Obama has blood on his hands (adding to the rivers of blood of Christians in Syria and Iraq.) But the message from the administration is, Get used to it. Disarm and get used to it. And the media follows after him like the man with the shovel after the circus elephant, always eager to clean up the messes he makes.
But to balance things out, here's a rainbow unicorn.

You decide which side you're on.


Lest we Forget

Presented without comment.


Texas Rising

I like to go to a men's prayer breakfast on Fridays. Scrambled egg, sausage, biscuits and gravy, coffee, and a simple message.

Good, straightforward, friendly guys. How many are armed? I won't answer that question, but let's just say that Geraldo wasn't there.

God bless,


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Is This Goon High?

Media watchdogs are speculating that famous Fox News mouthpiece, Geraldo Rivera, is twisted on a deadly cocktail of Thorazine, Adderall and DMT.

Suspicions were aroused when the renowned reporter lost his mind, blasting out incoherently, "Mass shooting in San Bernadino California at a Center for the Developmentally Disabled WTF! The 2d Amendment is Stupid!!! Don’t rationalize.”

Geraldo, time for rehab?


It Was The Pork That Did It!

Workplace violence, The Weather, El Nino, guns, simple rage, you name it, the race was on to find the motive behind the apparently inexplicable shootings in California. But now the search is over, and the culprit is pork!

According to eye witnesses who were in the Inland Resource Center in Loma Linda, CA and attending the Christmas Party where the attacks took place, Muslim employees of the county had previously asked that Pork products not be served. When one of those Muslims arrived at the event and saw that, in addition to many other foods, Bacon and Pork Sausage was being served, he angrily confronted other party-goers - allegedly saying "I'm tired of these insults to Islam" - and then stormed out of the event.
Less than an hour later, he returned with two others in a pre-planned revenge attack and started shooting.

A Typical Pork Recipe

We have the motive. Dietary insensitivity, destroying Sayed's safe space, is the cause of this latest tragedy. We must therefore ban guns and outlaw Christianity.

Problem? Solution.

Your Pal,


San Bernardino Massacre And The Case of The Missing Motive

No one knows the motive for yesterday's massacre, that saw two well-armed Muslims attack a Christmas party, while wearing Go-Pro cameras to film the slaughter. Why would Sayed and Tashfeen do such a thing?

Here's the New York Times, racking its collective psyche to solve this impenetrable mystery:
The officials called the case perplexing, saying that no clear evidence of terrorism had emerged and that there were some signs pointing away from it. But they said the shooting was clearly premeditated, and does not fit the mold for typical workplace violence incidents. The idea that this was a workplace argument that spiraled out of control seems far-fetched now, the officials said, given the explosives and the preparation. An overnight review of Mr. Farook’s electronic devices has not provided clear answers to these questions, but the officials noted that the investigation is in its early phases.
Look, stupids, it's the Jihad.


Syed Farook & Tashfeen Malik -- Jihad California

At first the media tried to blame the California massacre on the pro-life movement and then it was gun control and Christianity. "Better think of something better to do than pray, you stupid NRA Christians," went the chorus. But the narrative broke down when the shooters turned out to be Muslims.

Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, a pair of devout Muslims. 

What could possibly have been their motive? And as you ponder that, reflect on the wisdom of large-scale Muslim immigration.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Saeed Farooq

Saeed Farooq. It must have been The Weather.

Or "workplace violence."

ISIS taking credit.


San Bernardino Shooting, Suspect Farooq Saeed

News outlets are reporting that one of the suspects in the San Bernardino medical center shooting is Farooq Saeed, However, this is presently unconfirmed.

Police scanner reports also identify a further suspect as a Middle Eastern woman. Again, this is unconfirmed.

The shooting, which left 14 killed and more wounded, appears to be a terrorist attack, carried out by three persons armed with AK 47s, and wearing body armor. ISIS have not claimed responsibility, though Jihadists have celebrated it on social media.

Who would attack a Christmas party at a medical center for people with disabilities? It takes an exceptionally evil mind to do such a thing.

May the victims rest in peace,


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Humanity on The Edge of Suicide

Here they are, the rich stooge puppets of Godless Western secularism and the New World Order. Observe their insouciant grins and pampered luxury, as they meet to discuss new ways to take your money. Note, Vladimir Putin, who is a Christian, is not with them.


Pope Francis has declared that "humanity is on the edge of suicide" thanks to The Weather, and that's what our transi-elite are meeting in Paris to resolve. You can sense their urgency in the face of impending, annihilating catastrophe.

This is Illuminati dupe, Beyonce. She's part of the movement, too.

Rocking on in the not-so-free world.

Your Pal,


It's The Woman Bishop Beauty Pageant!

It's a rare day that the shrinking Church of England doesn't promote a woman to one of its top bishop jobs, but who's the best looking?

Libby Lane?

Karen Gorham?

Christine Hardman?

Alison White?

Rachel Treweek?

Which one of these stained glass ceiling stunners wins the beauty prize?

You, the reader, be the judge.