Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Texas Heritage

I went to the Texas Heritage museum today and liked it a lot. It has:


A "D Guard" Bowie Knife.

Crossed Sabers.

Uplifting statues.

Audie Murphy.

And a lot more. No one's thought to airbrush out The Cause, and that's just fine by me. There's a Vietnam exhibit too. In fact, come to think about it, it's pretty much a small war museum. Maybe that says something about Texas.

Train hard, think positive, fight easy.



LL said...

I have to make a point of going there when I'm in town. UNT finalized the collaboration with IBM this afternoon and inked the deal. So that's very good.

LSP said...

Great result!

Mattexian said...

Have you ever ventured down to the Texas Ranger museum in Waco? Lots of cool stuff on display there, like plenty of guns of good guys and evil doers, on the banks of the Brazos, just a short walk from the Waco suspension bridge. It's a lot closer to you than the Texas Military Forces museum at Camp Mabry in Austin, which is plenty cool too. I'd recommend the Star of the Republic museum at Washington-on-the-Brazos, which is a little further. That might merit a side trip to Brenham for refreshments, namely some Blue Bell ice cream, altho I don't know if their factory store would be open yet.