Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Lift High The Cross

The ISIS caliphate is gradually being driven back from Christian towns in Iraq, such as  Qaraqosh, near Mosul, where a large Cross was erected to celebrate the town's liberation.

The Cross, sponsored by a French charity, SOS Chretiens Orient, was blessed today in the presence of militia from the Christian Nineveh Protection Units (NPU) and the town's Christian population hope to return and rebuild their churches.

In the meanwhile, ask yourself why the governments of what used to be known as the free world were silent in the face of the head-chopping savages of the ISIS Caliphate's attempted Christian genocide in Iraq.

Ask yourselves, too, why our lying, hypocritical, smug, elite media were silent when Mohammedan fanatics murdered, tortured, raped and enslaved tens of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians. To be fair, The Atlantic covered Qaraqosh's liberation in April. Still, the silence of the secularists was and is deafening. 

Imagine, if you can, the roar of outrage from the governments and media of the West if Christians had been the perpetrators of these atrocities. But no, the murderers were Muslims and that religion, the beneficent religion of peace, gets a pass every time.

Pray that the NPU and others like them roll back the killers of the Caliphate and lift the Cross high in Iraq's ancient Christian communities.

God bless,



LL said...

Arabs bought a lot of stock in the US mainstream media. The puppets are merely executing the wishes of their masters.

As to the cross being lifted - it's about time. Meanwhile more local to me, my house is for sale and the only people who've been by to look are beards. It's time to leave before the neighborhood is 100% Mohammedan.

LindaG said...

God bless them all and bring them many victories.
Thank you for sharing this, Parson.

Anonymous said...

Funny how it easier to put a cross up in Iraq than it is in the States or Western Europe.

LSP said...

Good stock point, LL, and I'm looking forward to the WWM. Seems like you're pulling out at the right time.

LSP said...

I think it's a really important story, Linda.

LSP said...

That, Anonymous, is an excellent point. Well said.