Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fish On

Life at the Compound isn't just about riding and shooting, it's also about fishing and with that in mind we headed out to Lake Whitney with rods and a cooler, in search of aquatic sport. Come on, team, let's catch some fish, was my war cry, but would we?  

I wasn't sure and that was unsettling because it was important for Harrison, who had traveled all the way from the UK for a God, guns and country life in Texas experience, to catch his first fish. JS, who's a well known art philosopher,was content to watch. Exactly, watch, watch us catching fish. So the heat, as it were, was on. But I needn't have worried.

Within a few minutes of casting off, Harrison was getting bites and triumphantly reeled in his first Bluegill. Good work! That was followed up by some six more of the same, a decent Crappie and a baby Bass or two. In the meanwhile, I'd managed to catch a small if aggressive junior Bass. Slow going, LSP.

Then things took off a bit and I brought in a Bass and a Bluegill that were worth keeping. They went into the cooler and we headed back to base for a quick lesson in filleting. And I tell you this, the fish tasted better for being caught and cleaned yourself. Lake to table and thank you very much.

Excellent result, and well done H on your first fish. Mission accomplished.

Tight lines,



Brig said...

Teach'm to fish, 'n shoot, 'n ride... Well done, Padre!

LL said...

If he plans on being inducted into the Dallas Light Cavalry Regiment (Irregular), he needs to be able to shoot, ride, hunt and fish. Just wearing the "Make America Great Again" ball cap is not enough.

LindaG said...

Of course they do. Congratulations! We enjoyed fish just a few days ago.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Jules said...

A job well done!