Monday, May 22, 2017

Manchester Jihad

The fanatical Muslim terror group, ISIS, wasted no time claiming responsibility for today's horrific bombing in Manchester, which left at least 19 dead and many more wounded.

Police speculate that a suicide bomber detonated a nail bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in the Manchester Arena, possibly in the foyer. 

According to one concert goer, "There were thousands of people trying to get out at once. They were all screaming and crying. The whole place smelt smokey and burnt."

Manchester is home to a high concentration of Muslims, such as Raphael Hostey, aka Abu Kakka al-Britani, who boasted of recruiting hundreds of UK Muslims for ISIS. Abu Kakka was killed in Syria last year.

At the risk of repetition, how many more people are going to have to die before the religion of peace is exposed for what it is, a fanatical, barbaric, political death cult.

Stay tuned for a media frenzy denouncing Islamophobia in the wake of Muslims murdering people and yet more doubling down on the brazen lie of Mohammedanism as Buddhist franchise, only way, way more peaceful.

Note this, the concert was full of young girls. 

Good work, multiculturalists.




LL said...

First of all, I want to say, "Aloha Snack Bar" to all of your Muslim readers.

Suicide bombing is something that is viewed as honorable in Islam. It's the path to heaven - or so we are told.

Any targeting of Islamic terrorists is viewed by the progs as "islamophobic" by progs (whose little girls were not killed by a suicide bomber - once their own families are murdered, I'm sure that there is a change of attitude).

In every case over the past few years, the police know and have had contact with the murderous cultists who commit these acts...and did nothing because of political correctness. How precious.

LSP said...

LL, it's as though there's a kind of invincible ignorance or delusion in play. Witness the spectacle of US feminists adopting the hijab as a symbol of feminine empowerment. And on and on.

Of course the left might begin to think twice when the sharia police start throwing them off buildings. Then the useful vote boosting immigrants won't look quite so helpful.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I woke up this morning to hear about this. How horrible.

Still England should expect more of this since it is now a Muslim country. Isn't Mohammed the most popular boys name now?

In the meantime our masters in the white liberal cultural elite will waste no time lecturing us on Islamaphobia. After all, we mustn't tarnish the reputation of an entire group because of the actions of....blah blah blah.*

^Not valid when white Christians are involved. Then by all means tarnish the entire group.

Oh, and I wonder if CNN will report that anonymous sources inside the White House claim that Trump colluded with ISIS to set off the bomb.

Anonymous said...

A born and bred Mancunian did this. The targeting of a band popular with young girls was deliberate - it was a calculated provocation, sophisticated and lengthy in preparation. The collateral target were the parents and families, as they have to live with the resulting loss of life and care of those injured in mind and body.
Manchester is also home of the BBC and a substantial amount of Media guaranteeing the perpetrators maximum media impact from the attack. It was a spectacular, to use a phrase from another war, and its purpose is to incite a reaction. What will that reaction be?

LindaG said...

Which idiot person was it who said "This is the new normal. You just have to live with it"?

I pray God will comfort all those who lost someone and will heal all those injured.

Then I think, we should kill them. And then I am reminded "..forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors." And I am reminded "Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord. And I wonder if I am a bad Christian, or am I just making myself crazy.

You all be safe and God bless.

LSP said...

Infidel, are you suggesting that the press has some kind of double standard?


LSP said...

Good question, Anonymous, and I don't see any possible reaction being particularly favorable to Muslims. Then again, the Jihad functions according to arcane mathematics.

LSP said...

I think that was the Mohammedan Mayor of London, Linda. He's also failed to condemn ISIS, curiously. I'd like to think that was an oversight.