Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fyre, Teach You To Burn

Rich party goers were badly burned at Ja Rules' and Billy McFarland's exclusive VIP festival, Fyre, in the Bahamas.


Rich ravers, who paid $10,000 a ticket for admittance to the exclusive island party, were greeted with wild dogs, refugee tents and soggy cheese sandwiches, instead of the luxury hedonism they'd been promised.


Disaster. And now they're suing Ja Rules and Billy in a class action lawsuit to recoup some of their lost pocket change. Fyre? We'll teach you to burn, is their motto.

Fyre Fare

Will rich party people turn loss into profit in this unedifying spectacle of elitocracy run disappointed in the Bahamian sands?

Here at the Compound, we're working the slides of our Glocks and asking, is 3 am eternal? 

Stand by the JAMs,



LL said...

You have fried pies and Karen's brisket burritos so I don't think that anyone who shows up at the compound will complain.

Jules said...

You think they'd have cooked the bacon.

#Justified Ancient Liberation Zulu

LindaG said...

Hahahahaha! Oh, Wah!
Let's see a show of hands who feels sorry for them. :-P

LSP said...

Juliette, they didn't even have an ice cream van, ask Tammy.


LSP said...

LL, I'd say we outdo Fyre every time, here at the compound. Must revisit Karen's, come to think of it.

LSP said...

It's hard not to laugh, Linda, unless you're Ja or Billy. I don't think they're too happy.

Anonymous said...

This is no laughing matter. It is entirely within the bounds of possibility, if not probability that there may have some major drug deals connected with certain wayward participants or invitees, drugs being a regrettable hallmark of major festivals of this nature across the Western world.So cancellation may have had a much wider impact than you realise

LSP said...

Drugs? At Fyre? Surely not, Anonymous. Well, especially seeing as how the event got itself cancelled.

Quite a price tag on that, I'd have thought. Not that I'm an expert.