Wednesday, May 17, 2017

His Name is Seth Rich

Perhaps you're wondering why statements from Seth Rich's family sound as though they were written by a professional Democrat. It's because they are, Brad Bauman, and you can read about this Pastorum Group Democrat PR here.

Surely Rich couldn't have been killed because he leaked over 40,000 DNC emails to Wikileaks. I mean, it's not like anyone connected to the Clinton political machine ever ended up dead or anything. 

And why blame yourselves and an internal leak who exposed your corruption when you can scapegoat those wicked Kremlins?

Hillary For Jail,



LL said...


Jules said...

Helena Bonham Carter and Meatloaf! Ha!

LSP said...

It's a great movie, Jules!

LSP said...

The OLD CRONE belongs behind bars, LL. Let's see a special prosecutor.