Monday, May 15, 2017


GWB headed over from Dallas for an evening of dove poppers, steak and a morning of fishing at Soldiers' Bluff. And I tell you this, it's a relief to be able to eat juicy steaks again; I cooked them on the grill, three minutes a side. They were right on.

Ocean Conservancy

Fortified by last night's ribeye, we drove out to the lake with high hopes of catching a cooler-full of Bluegill. Maybe GWB's cowboy hat would help, acting as a kind of country lure. But no, despite the promise of an early Striper the fishing was slow at best. 

Beer Battered Fish Snacks

Still, a few aquatic predators made it back to the compound, and  a right tasty snack they were too.

Fish on,



Brig said...

Ok, you need a go fund me for a fish'n boat. Just a small Gregor will do. Saw some just like the cowman and I had, out here for $1,400. Great cheap fun, fishing from that thing...

LL said...

Did GWB suffer from fish envy?

No amount of experience can really tell you when the fish are going to bite. We like to think that we can predict it, and we like to rely on past glory to forecast. But they bite when they want to.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Species-ist! Fish are people too!

Instead of eating fish we should eat cows. Cows cause global warming. And Don Knotts has never been turned into a cow. (Extra credit if you get the movie reference.)

LSP said...

Brig, that is excellent advice.I wouldn't mind a kayak/canoe, either.

LSP said...

I think there may have been a bit of fish envy, LL, but I didn't catch much after that, so it pretty much evened out. And for sure, they bite when they want to. Last year that was almost every day, in abundance. This year not so much. Let's see how the season progresses.

LSP said...

Don "Limpet" Knotts, Infidel? Yet another example of oppressive cisgender cultural appropriation.

I love steak.