Friday, May 19, 2017

St. Basil's Rising

Thanks, TIME, for the powerful infographic of St. Basil's Cathedral slowly taking over the White House and turning it Christian. But note, the clever NWO Illuminati art stooges behind TIME's dismal leftist agitprop have airbrushed the crosses from the spires of the cathedral. 

A Typical Kremlin

Who knows, maybe the Kremlins stole them, like Shia's flag itself. Or maybe not because, you know, these days the Kremlin's Christian.  Can't have the fake news propaganda arm of the Democratic party advertising that now, can we. 

Regardless, please, someone, put Hillary behind bars and while we're at it, well done, St. Basil's, for doing your part to make America, if not the risible TIME, great again.




LL said...

The university system has been so concerned about social justice that the graduates it churns out are not prepared to understand the world or how it works. Thus they see that bit of propaganda in Time and swallow it whole. Sad really.

Then there is Chelsea Clinton, who should be the next Director of the FBI. She's done so much, that the posting would help round out her experience so that she can be the next president (and pardon Crooked Hillary). Or so goes the progressive dialog.

LindaG said...

That is depressing.

You all have a safe, blessed weekend and catch some more of those bluegill!