Friday, May 15, 2015

Who Are These People?

Some say that Cameron and Osborne are Edwardian Prefects with the minds of ASDA managers.

With Michael Gove as their fag.

(U.S. readers take note: "fag," in this instance, does not mean a privileged and protected class of wealthy, white, upwardly mobile, litigious citizens, but a junior boy at boarding school who acts as a servant to the senior boys.)

Carry on,



LL said...

I hadn't been in England long - as a young US Military person. Maybe two weeks if that. I was in Plymouth with 62 Commando, just meeting, greeting and allowing them to take me to the local pub in the evening and getting plowed under. Normal activity, at least then.

A very rough, beat up looking color sergeant was sitting next to me, nursing his pint of bitters and eating a pickled egg and he looked over at me and said, "I could go a fag, y'up for it?"

I think that I coughed up the Guiness and got off the chair and backed up. He was mystified. The guy smoked Woodbine cigarettes (made from the dung of some ancient Scottish cow, I think) and he popped one out of the pack for me.

"AH!" I said. That...

LSP said...

That's another meaning again. You probably don't want to use that expression in San Francisco, for example.

Or Austin.