Friday, May 22, 2015

Drone Power!

I drove to Fort Worth today, to listen to several excellent presentations on Religious Freedom, but more on that later. When I returned to the bucolic pastures of rural ministry, and put the kettle on to make a refreshing cup of hot tea, I heard a loud knocking on my door. Who was it?

A lady in a pink nightdress and a large white sun hat, pounding furiously on the front door of my Command and Control Center. What did she want? I asked myself, inquisitively.

To talk, of course, about being spied upon by the City Drone Force (CDF).

"I can tell the difference between a firefly, a star and a drone!" she declared. "How's that?" I replied, and found out.

Fireflies make erratic upwards movements, stars twinkle, and CDF drones move in a straight, dronelike line. Flat against the night sky.

Speaking of drones, Ramadi is in the hands of Islamic savages, and Obama is obviously a Napoleon, or a Rommel, a Rainbow Rommel, that is. If you want some sober-minded analysis, check out LL's site.

God bless,



jenny said...

Lady in the white sunhat is QUITE RIGHT about the movements of lit phenomena. Don't write her off...

LL said...

The City Drone Force is never know when they'll pop up and look through the window while an old lady is taking a shower or something.