Thursday, May 28, 2015

Taking Care of Business

I had to go to Dallas to take care of business, which meant visiting the County Clerk. I'd forgotten what Government was like, and I won't comment.

I also wanted to see if the Levees were holding. They seemed to be, though that might change if it rains much more, and such is the War on Weather. Who knows, maybe we'll put a couple of warships on the Trinity river as an extra tier of protection against our new national threat.

In case you're wondering, it's trying to rain, here in the country. We obviously haven't been taxed enough.




LL said...

Last year you had a drought and it was blamed on Global Warming. This year it's flooding the culprit is the same Global Warming specter. Naturally if things were "normal" with a perfect balance of sun and rain it would be attributed the proper application of tax money, with a hint that the amount needs to be raised. Government is efficient enough to issue food stamps, but it costs them more than face value to do it.

Mattexian said...

Does the county gubmint up there insist that you peasants divest yourselves of all possible weapons, before meeting with their Mandarins? After a fella snuck in a shotgun to settle a dispute with his lawyer, the gubmint here instituted a Checkpoint Charlie.

Talking with my wife over dinner about her time growing up in Germany, reminded me to ask if there's any Schutzenfest clubs in your part of Central Texas. If I lived closer, I'd be all over those.

LSP said...

We must raise taxes to beat the Weather, LL. That's settled science.

LSP said...

I don't know, Mattexian. There probably are, given German immigration. I'll check.