Sunday, May 24, 2015

It's Pentecost, Install A New Trigger

I get it it,  every Sunday's a Feast Day, but some Feasts stand out, like Pentecost. Some celebrate the descent of the Spirit upon the Apostles by BBQing Porterhouse steaks, and I like that. But for me, celebrating the Feast means installing a new trigger in an AR 15, a Hipertouch EDT (Enhanced Duty Trigger).

It isn't hard. Unscrew the deadly pistol grip, making sure that you don't lose the fire control detent, remove the safety selector and grip. Tap out the pins that hold the old, rubbish, clunky, creepy trigger in place and remove it.

Look at the lower receiver and give it a quick clean with an oily rag; remember, a clean gun is a happy gun. Then look at the Hipertouch instructions and see if all the parts that are supposed to come with the kit actually do. 

Satisfied, put trigger, disconnector spring, and disconnector together, aligning the holes in the receiver, the trigger, and the disconnector so that you can drive a supplied pin through all and hold the mechanism in place. Hipertouch supplies a drift pin, which comes in very handy.

Trigger in place, install the hammer, first fitting a 4.5 lb or a 5.5 lb spring to it; I opted for the lighter pull. Then simply position the hammer in the receiver and pin it in place. 

And that's it, congratulations, you have a new trigger in your deadly assault rifle, making it that much more deadlier. But seriously, does the Hipertouch EDT work? 

Yes it does, as described, "Single Stage Pull is Smooth, Flat, Fast & Precise." Does it have "Lightning Quick Reset"? Fast enough and a big improvement over the stock CMMG trigger that used to live in the receiver. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes I would, the Hipertouch EDT is what it claims to be, an enhanced duty trigger, which is light and crisp without being a dangerous liability. Is it tactical? Sure it is, all the way to the nearest range and beyond. Cost effective, too, at around $90.

Long story short. If you're fixing to celebrate Pentecost by upgrading your stock AR 15 trigger, you could do a whole lot worse than the Hipertouch EDT. LL, who has forgotten more about shooting than I will ever know, vouches for it.

So get one, if you like, and watch your groups improve. All this is banned in places like England and Connecticut, where the Rainbow Nanny rules and ISIS laughs.

Your Pal,



jenny said...

I get it. Holy Spirit... tongues of flame... fire... gunfire... trigger replacement in an AR 15.
Perfectly logical way to celebrate Pentecost.

LSP said...

Yes. It all fits together.

LL said...

When I shot your rifle, it the trigger was the stand-out component that made it less effective. Putting the custom trigger in will put the rounds on target much more effectively.

If Paul had on on the Pentecost, he would have been shooting it. And the story would read differently today, so maybe it's better that he didn't?

Neither did he have a Blue Oracle at his side.

LSP said...

Blue Oracle's been a great help in these AR upgrades.