Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mummified Alien or Anglican Communion?

A startling photo has surfaced, showing what appears to be a desiccated alien life-form, long dead. Or is it the Anglican Communion? Experts are undecided.

"Well, now that we have a much clearer photo of this body, I'm still very much on the fence," stated one pundit, "For starters, even IF this photo was taken in 1949, two years after the alleged Roswell crash, there's simply no way the body would be in such a state of mummification. It looks like it's been laying in a cave in the desert for 50 years, so there's a problem right off the bat. It looks more like the Anglican Communion than a space alien."

An indecipherable statement of belief, or "placard," was cited by experts as further proof that the mummified body was the Anglican Communion, instead of a dried out alien corpse.

According to UFO expert, Don Schmitt, "There’s a placard, very fuzzy, that can not be legibly read by the naked eye, yet we’ve had everyone from Dr. David Rudiak, to Studio MacBeth, even the Photo Interpretation Department of the Pentagon, as well as Adobe, have all told us that it’s beyond the pale, that it cannot be read, it is totally up to interpretation. Just like the Anglican Communion."

The Anglican Communion was last seen voyaging into the icy void of deep space.

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LL said...

The remains are about the same age as Joe Biden. Have you ruled out that it's his good twin, crashed at the same time he was born...coincidence? I think not.

Mattexian said...

Looks like ol' P. T. Barnum is trotting out the other prop from "Alien Autopsy." Where's Jonathan Frakes to do the voice-over narration?

Fredd said...

Not a Martian mummy. The mother ship would have swooped in and snagged the remains directly, rather than leaving their comrade to be butchered by the small-cranium species.

Go with the PT Barnum theory.

LSP said...

You know, LL, it could be Joe's good twin. The bad one is busy "transitioning", apparently.

LSP said...

PT Barnum? Or Anglican Communion, Mattexian?

LSP said...

I hope you're right, Fredd.

Mattexian said...

According to the Coast to Coast AM radio show, an analysis of the photo reveals that the sign reads, "Mummified body of two-year-old boy," with a further explanation.