Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Victoria Day!

Today I invite you to take a break from life's vicissitudes and have a holiday, because today is Victoria Day!

Typical Victoria Day Celebration

That's right, today we stand with our friends in Canada and celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, a few days early to be accurate, but who cares?


So have some fun, turn off Steffie-the-Hobbit, don't get into any scraps with roving gangs of outlaw bikers, maybe take a break from compulsively reading the bad news which sweeps over us like an arching tidal wave. Whatever it takes.


I might go on a Cell Phone Jihad, in which participants shoot up their old cell phones with high power rifles. Or I might not.

There's no rule. On Victoria Day.



LL said...

Britannia doesn't rule the waves anymore...hardly a navy at all. The Royal Army has a "combined band" that's smaller than one old regimental band. Soon the Scots will have to give up bagpipes because they're too expensive...

BUT - there's always room for more Mooselimbs to move in and go on the dole.

LSP said...

You'd think that an island nation would have a navy. Apparently that's not so obvious to the UK's ruling elite.

Anonymous said...

Victoria was an Empress or more correctly Queen-Empress.

Yes our Navy is a sorry state but it still managed to beat the Argentinians on its own.

We don't have a Royal Army. We have a Royal Air Force and a Royal Navy but we have a British Army. This is because the soldiers are the Queen's but the Army belongs to Parliament.

The British Army currently has twenty-two bands.

Fredd said...

That biker shoot out, wasn't that in your back yard, Reverend? As I recall, you are a Waconian, right?

LL said...

Kipling, The City of Brass

Swiftly these pulled down the walls that their fathers had made them –
The impregnable ramparts of old, they razed and relaid them
As playgrounds of pleasure and leisure, with limitless entries,
And havens of rest for the wastrels where once walked the sentries;

And because there was need of more pay for the shouters and marchers,
They disbanded in face of their foemen their yeomen and archers.

They replied to their well-wishers’ fears – to their enemies laughter,
Saying: “Peace! We have fashioned a God Which shall save us hereafter.

LSP said...

I do like a good marching band, Anonymous.

LSP said...

Waco's nearby, Fredd. (About a 30 min drive)

LSP said...

Kipling was prescient, LL.

Fredd said...

A 30 minute drive in Texas is considered next door. Some Texan's driveways are that long.

On the east coast, a 30 minute drive is considered about as painstaking as driving to Mars.

LSP said...

Right -- England's like that too.

jenny said...

haha "Some Texan's driveways are that long." I like that. It's true. --As true as the rumors about pub crawling your way through Victoria Day... :)

LSP said...

I do like a good night at the pub, now and again, I must admit!

All too rare at the moment.