Monday, May 11, 2015

Deadly Assault Carbine Got Even More Deadlier, Installing the Fortis Hand Guard

Sometimes you look at your deadly black assault carbine and think, "I know, this gun's got to get more deadly, much more deadly." Inspired by this vision of the future you go out and get a new hand guard. In my case, this meant getting a Fortis Switch 556 12 keymod system.

Obey the System

Why? In the first place, keymod fore-ends are practical because you can attach items to the rifle without the extra weight and profile of multiple rails. Why Fortis? Because their system is lightweight, robust, easy to install and in-budget. The hand guard simply clamps into place over the supplied barrel nut without the need to index the gas tube assembly to the nut. At least that's the marketing. What's the reality?

Exactly as described. After removing my old Yankee Hill free float tube, the new barrel nut torqued onto the receiver without a hitch, the gas tube went into place above it and the hand guard worked as advertised. I eyeballed the guard's top rail with the receiver and liked the snug fit, there's negligible space between the two.

The gas tube doesn't need indexing with the barrel nut

Then, to clamp the hand guard into place, simply close the proprietary Fortis mechanism's lever  90 degrees until it clicks into place and... that's it. Absurdly easy to install and as described, it's robust, lightweight and well made.

Line up the hand guard with the receiver

Would I recommend the Fortis Switch to a friend. Yes, I most certainly would. Is it easy to install? It comes with instructions, I'm not sure they're necessary. Is it tactical? Look, it's black, what more do you want. Does it work?  I should say so! Is it affordable? Yes, cheap at half the price.

Clamp Down!

So go out and get yourself a Fortis hand guard, if you want, and I don't think you'll be disappointed. This version has the following specs:

Material: Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum / Locking handle: 7075-T6 Aluminum
Length: 12.42”
Weight: 8.5 ounces minus barrel nut. Barrel nut is 1.6oz.
Internal Diameter: 1.34"
Continuous Top Rail
Rotation Limited QD Sockets
Keymod at the 3, 6, & 9 o'clock
Mil. Spec. Hard-coat Anodized
4140 heat treated barrel nut (1-7/16 X 16 T.P.I.)

A whole lot deadlier, thanks, Fortis

It's made in the USA too, and that's a bonus.

Shoot straight,



Mattexian said...

About the only thing I see lacking to make it deadlierest, is a bayonet lug, tho I have no idea the availability of those in the parts bin at ye Olde Gunn Shoppe, or how well one would fit on that carbine.

LL said...

You need a fore-post on the stock. They give you better results with off-hand shooting, which is why the military has gone in that direction. There are inexpensive options out there and almost all are very good and they fit on the rail.

LSP said...

I think you can get an attachable lug which clips into the hand guard.

LSP said...

I've been thinking about that, LL. They seem to make sense.

jenny said...

Very deadly gun. That hand guard is just begging to have things attached to it, though, and I'm trying to figure out what could work.
Wait-- I've got it-- Croc Jibbitz! Lots of flair with no additional weight!

LSP said...

As I understand it, a "Croc Jibbitz" is a form of charm.

This sounds cabbalist to me -- as in "the rifle was protected by Croc Jibbitz, the Golem could not pass."

But perhaps I'm wrong?

jenny said...

You're entirely right. And since they do not appear to make any that are Texan themed, I think the Hello Kitty one will do.

LSP said...

I have to say, people do put all kinds of stuff on their guns...