Monday, May 25, 2015

Texas State of Emergency

The War on Weather took a sinister new turn today, with Governor Gregg Abbott declaring a state of emergency for more than 24 counties in Texas, as the Lone Star State was ravaged by floods and tornadoes.

My small farming community wasn't exempt, as our new enemy, the forces of nature, commonly known as "weather," launched an afternoon assault on what used to be a rural haven of peace and tranquility. We've learned to recognize the signs.

The air grew still, then green, then dark with rain and wind, and the attack was on. I watched the enemy advance, from the front porch, as the streets flooded and lightning flashed across the sky with thunder booming and rumbling like the Russian guns on the Oder.

Blue Howitzer didn't seem to care; he's not fazed by the opposition, and neither was I. After all, we're armed, here at the Compound.

Weather has retreated for now, no doubt put off by the stout resistance of our brave weather warriors. It'll be back, maybe later tonight, and when it does we'll be ready, round in the chamber, resolute.

We will win this war, against the Weather.



LL said...

Once Texas shoulders its share of the weather tax, I'm sure things will improve.

The war on Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change/Climate Disruption (weather) will continue unabated until you catch the vision.

jenny said...

Obama the Leprechaun can try to fill his pot of gold with weather taxes, but they won't be coming from Texans.

LSP said...

The message is clear, LL. Until you pay the weather tax, weather won't be beaten.

Texas hasn't learned that yet.

LSP said...

#secede, Jenny.