Friday, May 8, 2015

Is Joe Biden Becoming a Woman?

As gay rights activists around the world celebrate the Conservative Party's victory in the U.K's General Election, a startling new "shift to the pink" may be occurring, here in the U.S. 

A Typical U.K. Conservative

Sources deep within the Intelligence community have indicated that Vice President Joe Biden is transitioning to become a woman, in a desperate bid to secure the Democratic Party's nomination, and beat Hillary Clinton.

Making the Change?

"Slow Joe may not be too quick on the uptake," said one insider, who wishes to remain anonymous, "But he knows he has to do something radical to beat Hillary. That's why he's becoming a woman and positioning himself as the transgender candidate for 2016. Joe can't keep his hands off women, now he'll get to be one."


Vice President Biden is a popular speaker at transgender events, such as the OutGiving fund raiser at Dallas' swanky Ritz hotel. In 2012, Biden told a woman in Florida, who he thought had "beautiful eyes," that transgender rights "were the civil rights issues of our time."

Will Joe Biden beat scandal-plagued Hillary by becoming the nation's first ever trans presidential candidate? 

The polls are open.



Mattexian said...

Three words: Texas Nationalist Movement! At least if we secede when the next election is done, we won't be accused of being "racist."

LL said...

Vice President Biden likes to touch women. Once he becomes a woman, he can touch himself... uh, that came out wrong.

LSP said...

Secede? Yes please.

LSP said...

That's our Joe for you, LL!

LL said...

Biden would make an ugly woman. I hate to take a shot at such an august person as the President of the United States -- but he would need to go to the same people who made-over Hillary. It didn't work for her, but it might work for him.

jenny said...

LL, that came out EXACTLY RIGHT. Please, more hands to himself... herself... whatever it takes!