Friday, May 22, 2015

Monica Langley Interviews Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wants to become the most powerful person in the world, ever. Monica Langley gets knee-touchingly close.

"HRC. Monica, have a seat
::HRC motions toward a chair situated an appropriate distance from her preferred spot on the couch::

Monica: ll!!Sure!!!
::Monica proceeds to drag her chair within inches of the Secretary --leaning in even further::

Interview proceeds... and about midway.

Monica: Oh Hillary...2016 '16 '16
::Monica grabs HRC's knee::

HRC laughs awkwardly — glances at Philippe

Monica: ::leaning in further::

Oh Hillary...what do you eat? drink? dream about when you sleep?
::Monica again touches HRC's leg::

::Everybody laughs awkwardly — Philippe hardly able to contain himself::

Monica: They think I'm so funny (looking at Philippe and me.) HILL, can I ride on your lap to the White House?"

According to Politico, that went on for 51 minutes.

Your old friend,



LL said...

Did she actually 'hump' Hillary's leg? I wouldn't be surprised, mind you. Keith Olbermann and a number of other liberals are waiting to do just that.

Naturally, Blue Observer would be one of the few on this blog who could comment on effective form when it comes to that.

LL said...

And while we're on the subject - do you recall after Benghazi when Hillary Clinton was hospitalized for organic brain damage resulting from whatever - a fall or some such? When she started wearing coke bottle glasses.

Did America ever get a medical report of how badly her brain was mushed out and WHY she no longer needs the glasses? Yes, I'm thinking 'alien' possession. Am I going out on a limb?