Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Solstice in Austin

Some time ago I set LL a challenge; write a short about hippies and Austin, I suggested. "If you can work in the Hog Farm, the Whole Earth Catalogue, and their repellent Clown, I'll be impressed." Sure enough, Solstice in Austin wasn't far behind. Here's an excerpt from this dark tale of counter-cultural criminality and vice:

At times, Carlos forgot why his friend, who published The Whole Earth Catalog, sent him to Texas in the first place because the shit he’d been injecting covered everything with a narcotic haze... At first it seemed like a good idea to escape from the constant pressure of selling the damned book in hippie communes. Now he didn’t seem quite as sure as he had once been—that it would be all right in the end.
The girl, Cindy or Candy, or maybe her name was something different, asked him about their destination. He told her that the Solstice party in Austin could not be missed.
You can read the whole thing here, but be warned, it's a little graphic.

If you meet the Hippy on the road, kill it. Or, if you'd rather, donate your gun to Greenpeace and watch it turn into a rainbow.




LL said...

There is no way to deal with the issue properly and not include the graphic nature of cause and effect.

BUT I'm glad that you enjoyed the effort.

LSP said...

Great job, LL. I'm more than tempted to have a go myself, with special emphasis on cheap red wine, labyrinths and the Episcopal Church...

As far as I can see, there's no bag limit on this crew.

LL said...

The challenge is given. The gauntlet is tossed.

Instead of Solstice, you must take on the Equinox in Austin.

LSP said...

I'm on. Stay tuned for Equinox.