Monday, May 5, 2014

Gene Robinson Divorces, We Say Farewell

You whined, you cried, you cajoled, all the way, OMG, to the White House itself, until you had turned the church into a sexual pretzel. #Privilege

Some said you were like Gef, Great Britain's most famous talking mongoose, who claimed to be clever, the ghost of a weasel, a spirit, the eighth Wonder of the World; who could split the atom and produced a flow of swearing and strange boastful, ludicrous and blasphemous talk, and on one occasion claimed to be the Holy Ghost himself.

But it is over, now. Gene Robinson, the most famous gay bishop the world has ever seen, and perhaps will ever see, has decided to divorce his husband. 

The sun has set, Bishop Robinson, on your blockbuster movie, Love Free or Die. 

We say farewell, Gene, but you get ten out of ten coveted Alien Head Awards.




LL said...

Is he divorcing his husband or his wife. I'm afraid that I'm very naive on this. Yes, I understand the concept of top and bottom, however, how can one stand off and objectively decide which is which without consulting the steamy and seamy details of their personal lives.

I guess it would have helped if Bishop Gene had worn a wedding dress, and thrown a bouquet...

LSP said...

He says husband, so I guess that makes him the "wife", or does he think there can be 2 husbands in a marriage? And yes, it's all very well to plead "privacy" when you're a ferocious self-publicist and, er, world-wide champion(ette?) of a movement -- ridiculous.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Maybe NBC can give him a sitcom. He's a retired gay bishop with a wacky gay neighbor.

Watch the laughs unfold.

LL said...

Ok. He's a catcher, not a pitcher...Barney Frank Scenario.

LSP said...

I too see a sitcom in the near future, Infidel.

LSP said...

No argument, LL.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, he was first married to a woman some years ago. They divorced, he announced himself gay, and then married a man. I don't see how it's possible to continue to be a church leader with all that history.

LSP said...

Very good point, Anonymous, but as with Gef, the miracle mongoose of the Isle of Mann, the impossible appears to have become reality.

Scary, isn't it.

Hojuruku said...
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