Wednesday, May 7, 2014


For a horseman you sure don't seem to go riding very much, I thought grimly to myself, as I watched the sun rise over the Compound and the dawn chorus of crazed peacocks, roosters, bleating goats and growling pit bulls.

To set that right I headed off to J&P's ranch, not far from Slap Out. Slap Out's called "Slap Out" because the store there was always "slap out" of stuff to buy. I'd say that was still pretty much true, but J&P weren't out of horses.


They had a barn full of Foundation Quarter Horses, including a mare sired by Dash For Cash, though I forget the various bloodlines, and a gelding, Lone Star Hobo. Good looking animals and I was hoping to ride Hobo, but his feet had been trimmed and couldn't be ridden.

One Clanking Spear And A Shotgun

I'll go back in a couple of weeks to try out Hobo and here's the thing. J feels he has to give his horses away, but they're a part of his life; that means he has to keep some. Solution? I get to ride the "some" left over, including Hobo.

Walk, trot, canter, gallop, RUN!



LL said...

Riding a horse helps to put the world in perspective.

LSP said...

Couldn't agree more, LL.

Anonymous said...

so what about your TB mare? did you part ways?
I have a low opinion of TBs in general, from personal past history, but I know some are just fine as riding horses. QH on the other hand, seem to be generally sane.

--southern nh

LSP said...

We did -- she was just too nutty when not being ridden 4 or 5 times a week, and wasn't able to put that kind of time in.

Very fast and smart horse but crazy and unpredictable. Also, her training came late in life. I got off with a busted rib; probably lucky...

Looking forward to the QH world.