Friday, May 2, 2014

Rural Ministry, Wooden Top Subpoenaed

Spot the Peacock

As I said Morning Prayer (1928 BCP thank you very much) I noticed a weird antiphonal noise coming from my neighbor's back yard. It sounded like a loud kazoo followed by a raucous "caw" and this went on for many minutes. Having a mind like a steel trap, I wondered if someone was taunting a rooster, with a kazoo. Hey, stranger things have happened. But no, there wasn't a kazoo and it wasn't a rooster, it was a peacock. 

VCC's Place

Curiosity satisfied, I drove off to visit a churchman, VCC. Years ago he chased off a crew of motorcycle hippies who were swimming in his stock tank. A shotgun was involved, which goes to show the wisdom of LL's advice, "Hanging around freaks when you're unarmed is ill advised." The hippies fled, probably back to their base in Austin.


VCC's a good man and used to serve as a Crew Chief in an experimental Australian/U.S. helicopter unit in Vietnam, the "EMUs". After visiting, I went to Karen's in Itasca for breakfast burritos. Tasty as you like, is my verdict.

Karen's Authentic Mexican Food

In other news, you may have noticed that our errant android, Wooden Top, has been subpoenaed. Wooden Top is the U.S. Secretary of State, remarkably, and will now have to testify before a Congressional panel concerning the Government's role in the scandal that just won't go away -- Benghazi. Wooden Top has been told by Issa that the subpoena is "not a game." Let's hope so.

It's Not A Game, Wooden Top

More on the antics of America's rogue replicant later.



LL said...

I think that the best part of a rural ministry would be access to some really fine home cooked food, from some of the finest on the planet.

LSP said...

Definitely one of the perks, LL. Also, I like the horse & gun side of things -- go out on a pastoral visit, ride and shoot with it. Sometimes hunt/fish too.

LL said...

If Peter was a fisherman, there's no reason why you can't be too - even if you are also a 'fisher of men'.

LSP said...

Most definitely.

jenny said...

wow-- they MUST be tasty-- that's quite a flashy security camera! Itasca's always seemed like a pretty low key town to me!
But then, I guess Karen does need to keep her eyes out for kazoo-blowing rooster taunters, rogue parsons in frocks (hope your attire was more manly today), and refined bikers who perhaps just want to freshen up a bit before gracing Austin with their courtly presence. Is that so bad??

[I vote that the VCC types must be the biggest perk of your job.] [though I'm starting to wonder if your job has any downsides at all.]

LSP said...

The security camera's new but probably needed...

And for sure, I enjoy being out in the countryside.