Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Church of England Dioceses Go For Gold!

Church of England traditionalists were routed last week, with all of the shrinking denomination's dioceses voting in favor of legislation to make women bishops. The women bishops Measure will now go to the member-short Church's General Synod for final approval in July. Maybe, then, 2000 years of patriarchal oppression will be broken and England will experience a new dawn of faith as the people of the Sceptered Isle flock back to church to see women bishops. That's the way it's been in America.

Jane "Old Jowly" Dixon

We've had Jane Dixon.

Barbara Harris with some old woman

Barbara Harris.


Mary Glasspool.

Top Dog

And Jefferts Schori.

The Episcopal Church, which bravely pioneered women bishops, is losing an average 50,000 members a year.

Good luck, CofE.



LL said...

There is no right way to do a wrong thing.

Jesus Christ was perfect. Who were his apostles?

Anonymous said...

There has been a political earthquake in the UK this week. UKIP beat both the ruling Conservative and opposition Labour Parties in the European elections. Every dirty trick in the book was thrown at UKIP by the BBC, the mainstream parties and the media, but still they triumphed. The elite, of which the C of E is very much a part, has been completely wrong footed by the mood in the country. If Orthodox Christians in the C of E can hold their corner, then the public suicide of the C of E can still be prevented.

LSP said...

I agree, LL, and it comes as no surprise to see the priestess movement turning their captive denominations into mirror images of Unitarianism.


LSP said...

I saw that, Anonymous, and a bold call on your part. But be warned, next step? Gay marriage, by which point the CofE will have become a near total irrelevancy. Hope I'm wrong...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is getting increasingly scary...

LSP said...

It's all fun and games until some Synod blows your friend's elbow off with a .458 Magnum.