Thursday, May 15, 2014

Slumberjack Rifle Case

Being a cheapskate, I hadn't bought a new case for my Remington 700, so it's a very good thing that my old pal, the Suburban Bushwacker, persuaded the folks at Slumberjack (SJK) to send me their Rifle Hauler Mat (RHM) to review.

Where's That Rifle Case?!?

Slumberjack makes outdoor gear and now, as we approach the anniversary of World War I, they've teamed up with Kryptek to produce Tactical Hunting Gear. Kryptek make cutting-edge camo solutions and the RHM is faced with the Kryptek Highlander pattern. Women like Kryptek Highlander and who can blame them, it's pretty cool.

A Typical Kryptek Woman, Out Hunting

So what's the RHM like? It's appx. 43" long and 11" wide, comfortably padded, with an internal pocket that could hold a small prayer book, a little Reliquary and a miniature Altar Stone, or whatever. It's held together by adjustable, sturdy, nylon webbing and it's camouflaged in Highlander, by Kryptek. This makes it well-nigh invisible.

Maybe an AR 10 Would Fit Better In Here

Do I like it? Sure, a lot. Can I find it if I put it down somewhere? Definitely, provided I put a GPS tracker on it. Is it well made? Well enough. Does it have a shoulder strap? No, it doesn't. Does it have external pockets or pouches? It does not. 

Friendly Old LSP

Does it fit the Remington 700? Oh yes. Would you recommend it to a friend? To a friend who likes Kryptek Highlander camo, yes I would. Is it tactical? I won't answer that question. 


The Slumberjack RHM costs $84.95; it's a decent case for the money and I'm glad I have one. Thanks, SBW and SJK, for sorting me out. Should you get one? For sure, if you like Kryptek.



jenny said...

ha!! most delightful product review EVER.

And I have good news: I clicked through and found that they make Kryptek long johns! (ONLY $120 and absolutely necessary because let's face it, some animals have x-ray vision.) Best of all, they do not melt!!! I've decided these are an absolute must for your next Beltane extravaganza, just to be on the safe side. Maybe SBW can hook you up with some?

(One downside: they do not seem to come in that bright blue Pontus pattern, which is disappointing AND a poor marketing call because I think anyone wanting camo underwear would surely be the type to need the pallet they describe as "for those individuals with an obsession that is manifested by chasing rainbows in Montana or wrestling Marlin off the coast of Baja." So. You'll have to give up on those ambitions for now. Or at least not do them in your skivvies. Or go on and do it, just be aware you will be visible.)

But I digress. Happy for you, LSP... glad you got a rifle case with room for a reliquary. :)

LL said...

Clearly a bargain at twice the price - and LSP endorsed.

LSP said...

I thought you'd like it, Jenny. The melting bit's important.

And I always wear Kryptek when I'm off the coast of Baja.

But look, a rifle case without a relic is like an, er, parade square without an RSM.

Kryptek forever.

Will get SBW to send you some.

LSP said...

Value, LL. And I know camo's important but... did people shoot any less game before everyone was "tactical"?

Vastly looking forward to Solstice. It will be a hit.

jenny said...

I can only hope I will look as fantastic as that lady above. [swoon]

Oh, genius idea! I have another product for you to review! This one on behalf of your beloved Austin hippies-- it would EVEN require you to walk a mile in their shoes! :)
(I can SEE you cringe.)
Come on! It'll be fun! What is your size? I'll send it to one of your missions.

LSP said...

I see Kryptek Woman has captured your imagination!

More than happy to review -- size 10.