Sunday, May 4, 2014

Another Good Sunday

A crazed peacock was sounding off in the neighbor's backyard, roosters were crowing, goats were making the noise they do and it wasn't easy to collect my thoughts over the racket. But it was a good racket. "This place is turning into some kind of petting zoo," I thought, reflecting on the day's Gospel in which the risen Christ reveals Himself along the road to Emmaus and its terminus. He did so in Word and Sacrament; He does so today and therein lies the solution to Peter's cry, "Save yourselves from this crooked generation."

What a Disaster

Speaking of crooked, Gene Robinson, the most famous gay bishop in the world, ever, has divorced his not-so-life-partner, Mark. Hunh.

More seriously, LL is writing a series of "shorts", mostly fictional. But this one isn't; he calls it Hungry, I call it Let Them Eat Snake (sorry LL) and it starts like this:

It's impossible to communicate the nature of physical exhaustion to those who have not experienced it. There were three of us...

Do yourself a favor and read the whole thing here (it's short) and stay tuned for Solstice in Austin.

I Want This Building

That aside, the Missions were on good form, marked by fervency and reverence, not just for guns and horses, but also for Christ in the revealed Word and the Sacrament of the Altar. I always leave the Mass uplifted, here in the Missions; I tell you, I did so especially today.

God bless,



jenny said...

maaaaybe we could use a little more explanation on the building?? or is that just me?

happy to hear you had a refreshing Sunday!

LSP said...

The building's just a typical derelict in my town, one of many, but I like it for its fort aspect. I think it'd make a good church and, well, HQ.

jenny said...

i see. well, now I just have more questions.

Just make sure it has plenty of yard space for a petting zoo, otherwise how will you get any good thinking done?

LL said...

The building would make the beginnings of a truly outstanding 'compound'/Bible study center. How much does it cost, do they take credit? (amen)

We need to call the place the "Center for Progressive Homosexual Islam" to keep the IRS and Homeland Security off of the property...

and thanks for the plug.

LSP said...

What a good building, eh? I'll look into the price.

CPHI has a nice ring to it -- looking forward to Solstice (might have a crack at it myself...).

Anonymous said...

Outstanding building for a mission but what dedication?

LSP said...

It has a fortlike aspect, Anonymous, so maybe to an Archangel?

LSP said...

Not to worry, Jenny, the compound will have plenty of space for animals. Off to look at a new horse tomorrow -- excited by that.