Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Living The Dream

A big part of Living The Dream is seeing a friend's two young sons take home their first rabbits, learn to clean them on the tailgate and, later that night, eat them. Well done, boys! 

I Shot This Rabbit!

Another aspect of the Dream is watching GWB prep just shot hog legs as you and the team relax under the stars with a glass or two of the right stuff and swap stories of the mighty hunt(s).

Hog Prep

Rumours that The Dream entails fast night drives through the brush with semi-autos and spotlights are totally without foundation, as is:

Team Member: "There's one! I can see its eyes. What should I do?"
LSP: "Shoot it."
Team Member: "I can't do that! It's eating."
LSP: "Maybe you'll donate your gun to Greenpeace and they'll turn it into a rainbow."

The Old LSP

Tomorrow promises more mighty ballistics hi-power, hopefully some "spot and stalk" and Bass fishing. Nothing wrong with that. At all. 




Chas Clifton said...

Sounds dreamy enough. Did the bass cooperate?

LSP said...

Sort of, I think the afternoon count was 5 +some sunfish. Good fun, followed by an Aoudad stalk (sucessful).


Suburban Bushwacker said...

Sweet day out, seem to be missing the Rooks myself Bah!

jenny said...

Well done to the boys on their first rabbits! that's a big deal. Looking forward to more vicarious dream living... Hope you're still having fun!

LSP said...

Shoot those rooks, Bushwacker!

LSP said...

Just back, Jenny. Huge fun -- our friend's ranch makes my place seem industrial (which it isn't...). Will post some pics.