Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nashotah Nasty

Trad Anglicans will be aware that Bishop Ed Salmon invited the Episcopal Church's (TEC) leaderene, Jefferts Schori, to preach at Nashotah House seminary. Nashotah House has stood for traditional, orthodox, Anglo-Catholic Christianity. Jefferts Schori stands aggressively for its opposite, to the extent of using some $40 million of church funds to sue conservative minded Anglicans for daring to break away from the gender diversity cult that has become TEC.


So you can imagine the turmoil that Salmon's invitation caused among the seminary's conservative Trustees; Bishop Iker and Bishop Wantland, for example, resigned. Undaunted, Salmon persisted in the invite and sure enough, Jefferts Schori arrived at Nashotah this week and preached at Evensong.

Some call this a triumph of something called the "Pax Nashotah", which seems to consist of everyone just agreeing to get along, even though the one side is actively attacking the other, at law, to say nothing of faith and morals.


Nashotah's Dean of Academic Affairs, Rev. Steven Peay, had this to say about Jefferts Schori's visit: "The idea that no matter where you come from, we are all one in Christ, and that's all that matters."

Nashotah House

Right on, Peay, have a good long pull on the corporatist Kool-Aid, but the problem is we're not "all one in Christ."  That's why Jefferts Schori is suing us; how can there be some kind of "Pax" with that? There can't and to attempt to live with it amounts, in the end, to capitulation to it. The two sides cannot co-exist. One is Christian, the other isn't.

It seems that Ed Salmon and what was once an orthodox seminary have opted for the side that isn't.

Bad Call.



jenny said...

faux pax. and faux pas.

LSP said...

That's for sure. Enough to make me reach for m'gun(s).

LL said...

Once you begin to deviate from "The way, the truth and the light", anything (and almost everything) becomes legitimate.

Being a whited sepulcher works fine in this life. I think that there will more of a push-back in the next.