Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day Beltane

I celebrated May Day by driving to Fort Worth for a diocesan clergy day; we celebrated the Feast of St. Philip and St. James, Apostles, with a Solemn High Mass. I like that.

The Usual Hippy Goof-Off

Hippies wouldn't though. They're not down with the Mass on May Day, much less Apostles. They like Beltane instead, and when they're not too busy hustling for spare change and thieving, they sometimes band together and take over town centers.

Horned God

When they get there they usually just goof-off, maybe beat on some drums, dance around a bit, rip-off tourists, the usual. More together crews have a May Queen, a Greene Man and a Horned God, chances are they'll wig out to a fire rave too.

Wicker Man

Perhaps that seems innocent to you. I'll direct your attention to the Wicker Man, and while you're at it, if you have the energy, google Beltane Episcopal Church (TEC). Several stories if you care to write them.

Blessed May Day and Feast of Ss. Philip & James,



jenny said...

nice gold frock you have there in the second photo. suits you.

LSP said...

That's Beltane for you!

But look, it's all fun and games until you find yourself inside a wicker man, on fire.

LL said...

There seem to be a number of very unhappy people in search of cheap wine and an orgy. One can only hope that they wear protection...

jenny said...

well surely you would change the gold lamé for something more comfortable BEFORE burning, otherwise that would hurt a lot.

LSP said...

I fear we hope in vain, LL.

I understand San Francisco's badly overrun with Beltanites. we have them here in Texas too, weirdly.

LSP said...

Very good point, Jenny!

LL said...

Point 1 - LSP would never been put inside of a wicker man because he's always armed, and an armed society is a polite society.

Point 2 - If LSP was waylaid and disarmed and put inside of a wicker man and burned, it would go badly for those dancing by the fire light because once the rounds started to cook off in his spare magazines, a lot of the wine and orgy folks would make their way down to the coal stoker.

LSP said...

Points 1 & 2? The force of logic.

Note that the "Constable" in the Wicker Man was unarmed. Things went badly for him.

LL said...

Hanging around freaks when you're unarmed is ill advised.

Hanging around freaks when you only have one firearm is also ill advised.

Hanging around freaks with insufficient ammunition is ill advised.

Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

jenny said...

Point 2... well, at least we'd be one step closer to that polite society. You'd have died a noble death, LSP.
(and blessed the cremator with a VERY interesting day, I might add.)

That said, perhaps you should stick to wearing the gold frock in places a little less volatile.