Monday, January 3, 2022

Bit of This a Bit of That


GWB fired up his SatPhone and fired off an encrypted message from Georgia: 

Remember when Trump focused on jobs for American workers? WHAT. A. NAZI. And he wanted to make America great, like some kind of unhinged Fascist Mussolini. And maybe you remember how he had the lowest black unemployment in US history. RACIST.


I ran the key, decoded the message and remembered. Yes, Nazi, Fascist, Racist, that was 45 and, lest we forget, he was also a RUSSIAN SPY! Like a Nazi agent in the pay of the KGB, which would make him a double agent, no! A triple agent. Huh, far out, and Putin's Chief of CHAOS.

Seriously, was there ever such garbage spewed out by the gesticulating, smug, pugnacious, wealthy, corrupt, lying, malfeasant, smug Media? The same "press" which assures us that we're all going to die unless we obey the mandates of a doddering old crook who's the most popular president in all of the nation's history. Let's go Brandon.

In related news, the Anglican Diocese of Niagara's shut its doors for fear of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Why, we have to ask, are churches in Texas and Florida so much more immune to this deadly plague than their equivalents in Ontario. Is it because the further north you are the weaker you become, or some other thing?



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Bob said...

It's not the people pushing it that is the most disturbing, it's all the people who have fallen for it. About 2 months into this in 2019 people should have told the gov to go to hell and we'd never have had to put up with this BS.

Well, if everyone (fill in the blank)..