Sunday, January 16, 2022

Global Warming And Other Things


Yesterday was freezing, as in doomed retreats from Moscow. Today was hot, T shirt hot. Such is our fickle enemy, the WEATHER. Global Warming aside, or is it Climate Change?, we pulled into an ersatz burger franchise after Mass #2. The Specialist was hungry, "Dad, I'm really hungry, I have to eat!" 

I didn't say "bill it to the Army" and dutifully drove in to a drive through, where the attendants were indecipherable because they were wearing NKVD 95 masks. It was like one of my kid's dystopian computer games, mumble... mumble. "Say again," and so they did, "$5.67, four cheeseburgers."

Fortified by fake hamburgers and wondering why $4.67 has miraculously turned into $5.67, have these facsimile burgers somehow gained in value?, we drove back to the Compound where everything was well.

Shotgun by the door, check (older 870 Wingmaster). Aged Blue Heeler asleep on a Moslem rug, check. Sun shining, yes please and thank you God, decent red wine? Obvs. All good and time for a nap I thought, after all, a workman deserves his wages.

No sooner done than a knock on the door, "Can I come in, are you decent?" Resisting the urge to bellow damn your insolence! I replied "sure." The boy wanted me to look at his laptop, which I did. What the Devil is this?

A pass grade on his CS degree practice semester test. Well done, young man. Now take the real deal and ace it.

Point being, gentlemen and gentlewomen, life is made up of small victories. As in, "Crush the Marxist snake underheel."

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,



LindaG said...

It's amazing how quickly inflation hits.

Congrats to the Specialist. Good luck with the real test.

Praying for you all.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Inflation biting? I haven't seen many in the grocery store with overflowing carts.

Wild, wild west said...

(with apologies to Col. Cooper, may he R.I.P.)
There ain't many things
That a man can't fix,
With seven-hundred dollars
And a 12 ga. pump.

Kid said...

Just took a long YouGov survey.

Subjects: Sports - Not Interested
News, news and more news: Not interested, don't watch or read.
Climate Change: Not a problem, wouldn't care anyway even if it wasn't the biggest BS story hoisted on mankind.

I wonder how others answered the survey.

Not related to the above - Small Victories ? YES.

LindaG said...

WSF, no more full carts here. Every time we go it's over $100; sometimes more than $200.

That is for a family of 4 adults, but still.

Filled our truck today. Just shy of 26 gallons for just shy of $81. Used to be we could get at least 2 full tanks of diesel for that.

LSP said...

He did well, Linda, scored a solid 80% and 4 college hours to boot. I took him out for a Mex dinner by way of celebration, nice.

Bless you.

LSP said...

Same here, WSF. And wow, the cost of groceries sure has risen. Doesn't hurt me, much, but imagine having a big family.

Thanks, socialists.

LSP said...

RIP Col. Cooper, Wild!

LSP said...

It all counts, Kid. We do what we can do.