Saturday, January 8, 2022

On The Road


With apologies to Mr. Kerouac, I've been on the road lately, driving across the Texan country to visit the sick, tend the flock and take care of business.

And mess with tractors. That aside, the road took me to an old friend, Colonel E, who was languishing on the sickbed. Except that he wasn't. Full recovery, please. We prayed.

It was a good visit and full of memories. Many, many ride outs from his place to Lake Waco and plenty of racing to boot. 200 yard gallop? On! And beyond, to the trail by the little regional airport where you could really pick up steam and go flat out. Fast and flat. Big fun.

But that was then. Yesterday was communion from the reserved sacrament and with that, the true light which enlightens every man coming into the world entered my friend's home and soul.

The people, you understand, that sat in darkness saw a great light. Praise God for that.

Ride On,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

That video reminded me how grubbing sagebrush by hand is as tedious manual labor as you can find.

Old NFO said...

All praise to him who saved us!

LSP said...

WSF, there are some advantages to the modern age.

LSP said...