Wednesday, January 12, 2022



Have you noticed how, in the new normal, the serf peasant underclass untermensch have to wear masks but our Elite Rulers don't? It's almost as though there's one rule for the rich and another for the poor. Megan Fox, obvs, doesn't have to wear a slave mask because she's immune to the deadly virus because beauty. And money.

Look at This Slave!

But Megan's servants do have to mask because they're not immune to the virus because no beauty and no money. That's why they're mask slaves to our MillSoc Rainbow Socialist Elite (MRSE). You'd think they'd rise up, tear off their slave muzzles and cry freedom, but no, they'd lose their miserable jobs if they did. Bye bye $10 ph.

Wear That Visor Slave

Moving on, we see this Elite/Serf, Owner/Peasant paradigm cascade out into everyday life, it's not just for Hollywood beauties like Megan. No. Go to any Walmart, peasant, and note that there's a class inferior even to you, the muzzled staff. There you are, elite style, maskless, and there they are at the cash register, all masked up and servile.

Slave, Behold Your Masters And Wear Your Gloves Lest You Touch Us

Or restaurants. You walk in, sit down like a lord and a masked slave approaches the table, "The special for today is..." mumble through mask. "Excuse me, say again?" you utter, Imperator style, "I'll have double braised leftist hypocrite and seared cultural Marxism, and a side of fried Spartacus. Chop, chop."

Seriously, what is this nightmare that everyone so willingly lives in? 

Just say no and keep walking.

Your Friend,



Wild, wild west said...

Megan who? Looks more like a "what?" to me.

Dad of Six said...

Amen. I will say that a year ago the clientele at the local grocery store was 95%+ masked. Now the masks are rarer than hen's teeth, and the staff has the option of masking or not.

I am sure Gauleiter Whitmer would not appreciate the maskless waiting on her but she's in re-election mode and has become invisible.

Jules said...

Because beauty.

Kid said...

Not a pole long enough to keep me away from that red dressed creature.

LSP said...

Juliette, as always.

LSP said...

Wild, you may well have a point.

LSP said...

Wow, DOS, they're lucky. All the supermarket staff here have to wear masks, pretty much, but the shoppers hardly do. And that's in the country.

As for your Gauleiter... can't you hoik that wickedness out of office? I hear there's a ex Detroit PD chief who's in the running.

LSP said...

Kid, how dare you maliciously attack our rulers. Report yourself for SEDITION, immediately.