Sunday, January 16, 2022



As it was then, so now, insurrection and sedition are in the air. Problem being that people don't trust their beneficent overlords in DC. The Eagle, they feel, has turned into a demon and so up with the Cross. Or something like that.

We can wax larger on an evil, corrupt managerial mandarin class losing it's grip as it comes to the end of an age and desperately clings to power, and on. But let's get down to brass tacks, to the meat of the thing. Who has the power?

The people with bullets, obviously. Let's hear it again, the people with bullets, and that'd be the Army. You can see, readers, all three of you, why previous Admins purged Command. Whatever, let's get down to it preppers and associated friends, here's the deal.

"Put a Bradley on the fkn street and go brrrrrrr," said the young 'un, and he's not wrong. Point being, we have to have the Army. The Left knows and fears this, and the troops hate them. They scorn the Marxist snake.

Make of this parable what you will.

Rise Up,



RHT447 said...

""Put a Bradley on the fkn street and go brrrrrrr,"..."

Those kinds of toys have to be transported. And manned. And fueled. And guarded. As Leonidas said, "Pray..."

More likely they will lock our bank accounts and plastic cards.

Borrowing from elsewhere, "A 17 year old kid took down three bad guys. Imagine what a half dozen pissed off combat vets could do".

LSP said...

Yes, RHT, and who are the Spartans? They're soldiers, my point.

But yes, the "every blade of grass" holds true:)

God bless.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

History is full of examples of troops killing their leaders. The perfumed mandarins with enough ribbons to embarrass a NORK general shouldn't forget that.

Wild, wild west said...

Crush your enemies.

See them driven before you.

And hear the lamentations of their 5th Columnists in the woke news media.

SgtBob said...

He might be a regionalist, but a current active duty soldier remarked on any government attempts at seizing private weapons, "There are too many Southerners in the military to think that order would be obeyed."

LindaG said...

Which is why they are trying to force the good people out of the military and replace them with Nancy bois, etc.

To get the Bradley's, etc, out of the hands of people who would support the insurrection.

God bless them if it comes to this.

God bless us all, also, of course.

Old NFO said...

They don't really 'want' to try this...

LL said...

RHT447 is right. They will kill us off by peaceful means. Stopping shipments of food to areas and wiping out bank accounts and plastic cards with the stroke of a digital pen.

LindaG is also right. By ensuring that only the woke serve, they have a weak, compliant, and largely ineffective force. That was tried before during the War of Northern Aggression and it didn't work out. Even incorporating slaves into the Grand Army of the Republic didn't do a lot to move the South.

LSP said...

They really shouldn't, WSF. And what's with these Norkish medal boards? I have it on good authority that smart people simply wear their top three. Better.

LSP said...

Can't come too soon, Wild. Maybe they'll run out of money? Please?

LSP said...

Good call, Sgt., and I've heard the same.

LSP said...

I agree, Linda. But surely they're in a bind. How will the nancy bois fight the evil extremists, much less drive their Bradleys when they're stuck in the motor pool debating pronouns?

LSP said...

I totally agree, NFO, they really don't.

LSP said...

I'm afraid RHT is right too, LL. Welcome to the new GloboCap Utopia. But, per Linda, it has to be enforced.

Speaking of which, Pastry Chef Milley's come down with the Bat Bug even though he was doubled vaxxed and boosted. Darth Austin suffered the same fate. Huh.