Sunday, January 30, 2022

Well Done Son


He's happy, I'm happy, the Army's happy because a Specialist's done well and passed a Soldier of The Month board, which opens up NCO school and makes his leaders look good, so they're happy too. So what next?

A new regiment, obviously, to guard our southern border, the President's Own, made up of lancers, auxiliary Mexicans, a "melee" and associated hard chargers. Hon. Col.? Melania. She inspires the troops, and all of us. Unlike, say, Dr. Jill or the Field Hand.

In other news, Miss Trudeau's fled Canada to a secret location because a fringe minority of truckers have taken over zhir main city, Ottawa. Oops, time to go, Justine. You can imagine the transgendered gnashing of teeth in Toronto.

And what's with Toronto anyway? They think their city's so cosmopolitan and European but it's just this place in Canada, which has to be fed... by truckers. 

Arduus Ad Solem,



Ed Bonderenka said...

You should be proud of your son.
Job well done, Dad.

That guy glad handing the rainbow flags,
That's Castro's boy, right?.
I wonder if he'd be proud of him.

LindaG said...

Congratulations and God bless your son, Parson!
He looks quite sharp in that uniform.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

That is an impressive "brick" your son is building. Well done!

Adrienne said...

That's one handsome boy you raised up, LSP. Good job!

The rumor is the soy-boi little ferret is hiding in the U.S. Maybe he's hanging with that British disgrace "Harriet" in Cali.

Dad of Six said...

Congratulations to you and your son LSP! I am sure Blue Defender can hardly contain his pride as well.

I am expecting reports on Justine being in Florida with all the rest of the millsocs.

And thank you for the cleansing photo of a real man, Prince Phillip. The look on the waiter's face is a far cry from the masked visages at an AOC outing.

Wild, wild west said...

Expert Marksmanship badge. Well done.

Kid said...

Very capable son and proud father. Hard to beat.

Hey, I still can't think of the name of a single joni mitchell song. Don't help me.

LSP said...

The kid's done well, Ed, I have to say. The Army agrees with him.

Then there's Justine. For goodness sake...

LSP said...

Thanks, Linda! He turned out well. Let's see NCO school and, God willing, a commission.

Bless you.

LSP said...

He's building it up, WSF, well done kid. But... perhaps when maturity strikes and there's many awards, top three/six only?

LSP said...

Adrienne, our friends over at /pol have triangulated Justine's secret location. It's a prime ministerial residence not so far from Ottawa (Lake Harrington).

But yes, maybe Harriette's there too.

Dear God.


LSP said...

I think it's a great photo, DOS. Philip was awesome, RIP. What a hero. That in mind, some clever people seem to have found Miss Trudeau's secret hideout :)

LSP said...

He's a good shooter, Wild. Of course he had a fair bit of range time in the years before enlisting, which probably helps. Last time we went out was August on a skeet/rimfire/5.56 shoot. He beat me at skeet, annoyingly. Hmmmmm.

LSP said...

Kid, here at the Compound we follow the science, and what does it say? That Joni's a DEVIL WITCH.