Thursday, January 20, 2022

Try Not To Be Sick


You know the old saying, "I support the science!" and its answer, "No you don't, you support the Democrat party." Point being, it's remarkable to me that so many cling with such religious fervor to the two party paradigm of yesteryear. And they do, old habits die hard but what's the reality?

Being in power and coining it off the asset-stripping globalization of America. The two party myth is just that, a myth. LL puts it succinctly:

This is no longer about Democrat vs Republican. We’ve been well past that for a long time. When President Trump was elected, it threw a monkey wrench into the systemic globalization of America. That’s why the Republican leadership of the House and Senate (Ryan and Boehner) turned on him and stifled his agenda when Republicans owned majorities in both houses of Congress. The people have turned on Brandon/Ho and the numbers show it – but can they keep the momentum going long enough? It all remains to be seen. Will Nipah be released to disrupt the 2024 elections? Don’t underestimate our masters.

Remember that? Ryan and Boehner doing their damndest to sabotage a President who had the brazen, literal temerity to say he wanted to make working class Americans more prosperous and, while we're at it, throw out the gravy train trough our rulers were/are swilling from.

How dare 45 impact the bottom line. What. A. Nazi. And corporate sponsored rainbows will make everyone richer as migrant labor floods the country. Hands across the aisle, let's keep the serfs down and ourselves high on the hog. Martha's Vineyard mansions all 'round and don't mention central banks, debt at interest and war.

Note US Javelin in Fascist Ukraine

That in mind, one savant in the oil and gas industry put it like this, "The problem with debt is that someone, eventually, wants to get paid back." Or, in the late Thatcher's words, what happens "when you run out of other people's money?"

I suggest, influential international readership, that the people with guns will take over. In the UK that'd be a small but select crew, unless Latvia, Belarus or the Ukraine takes you over, which they might. Big vodka, not a bad result. Here in the US? Things might be more... complicated. OK, I'm apocalyptic, but hey, ESCHATON.

Your Old Pal,



Wild, wild west said...

Ryan and Boehner, two cheeks of the same......uh......NEVERMIND!

LL said...

The Democrats keep pushing for revolution without comprehending how fast a bullet travels, LSP. I can't explain their insanity. It just is. The Pelosi Klan, Zukerberg Klan, and Soros Klan believe in their hearts that they will. be save in their mansions.

Bob said...

You mean the repubblekins ain't gonna save us !?!

Yea, you get some talented person, screwed over to the point they don't even care if they get caught, and targets become much easier to take out.

RHT447 said...

Found this over a Peter's place--

As a veteran of the Cold War, I find it beyond ironic that a one minute clip of Vladimir Putin makes more sense than any of the office occupiers in our current coup d'état.

LSP said...

Wild, Boehner, to me, REEKED corruption.

LSP said...

Mr. LL, I agree. And I think it's the same old story -- evil ALWAYS underestimates good. Then there's ballistics and muzzle velocity. Speaking of which, must get out and shoot, there's rumors of suppression, rare breed triggers and all kinds of range incitement in the near future.

LSP said...

Dammit, Bob, I was counting on them!!!!


LSP said...

Thanks for the tip, RHT, will repost.

And the Sov comparison strikes at several levels, eh?