Wednesday, January 26, 2022



Looks like the peasants are revolting, in Canada, where a massive convoy of truckers is driving to Ottawa to protest Justine Trudeau's perpetual lockdown stasi and, in particular, vax mandates for the trucking industry.

They're against Canada's draconian vax mandates and look to meet with over a million people when they roll into Ottawa. Enough is enough, they say, and who can blame them. Lockdowns, masks, and now mandatory vax or you can't live in Canada. Tyranny in the name of safety.

And what a lie that is. To make you safe from a a disease with a common cold fatality rate we're going to shut you down unless you take our experimental gene therapy, enrich pharma vax. Knuckle under, serfs.

No, they say, and power to 'em. Drive into Ottawa and shut this utter, lying, despotic BS down.Who knows, maybe Justine will wake up and see she's not so popular anymore. The convoy(s) is now 70 km long and gaining. 

Drive On,



Dad of Six said...

I have no idea how the spawn of Fidel was reelected last year. I know it's a parliamentary system, but why would anyone for this loser's party?

LSP said...

It baffled me too, DOS, and made me wonder if Canada had gone full Lib Stasi Rainbow. Apparently not, if you're a trucker.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I wish I could be more optimistic. I assume the left cheats at elections in Canada as much as they do in America. In which case our lords and masters will (or is it shall?) never be voted out.

LSP said...

My feeling, Infidel, is that it would take a very large protest indeed to remove our beneficent rulers from power. Let's see how the convoy rolls.