Friday, December 17, 2021

Operation Barn Sale #1


Lo and behold, Barn Sale #1: '08 Kubota Tractor, Shredder, Gooseneck Trailer, Headgate & Mini Chute, Air Compressor(s), Power Washer, Ear Tags, Complete Scaffold (wheeled), Tools,  Fence Panels (10 set deal, $80 bucks a panel my friend) and on.

So that was all good. But let's see what tomorrow brings, and remember that one man's trash is another one's treasure. "How much?" pause, "Make me an offer, I think your tractor needs that." Another pause, walk away, "Twenty Dollars!" Turn 'round, "No sir." Reflection, "$30, last offer." Sold. That was my pal, selling machine.

And on. So today was good, let's see what tomorrow  brings.

Cash is King,



Kid said...

80 a panel ? I got the 6 wide X 6 tall for 38 ea. Menards.

Anyay Good luck.

LSP said...

These are 10-12, kid. 300 a piece at TSC... so,

anyway, 10 piece deal.

Kid said...

Actually 8 X 6.

But yea, good deal on those larger ones. Those are probably custom order around here.

Adrienne said...

I want that tractor!!

LSP said...

Kid, here's T$C, just for kix:


Lord have mercy... pricey.

And these:

And that's not including gates... We're waiting on offers. If not? Auction with remaining steel tables.

Dog runs/kennels went quick though, interestingly.

LSP said...

Adrienne, you should have it!

Kid said...

Wow. Yea, I was thinking wood as mine are.

I did notice since I have a panel of chain link that needs a door rather than just the fencing, how expensive that is. Even a 4 ft by 6 high. More than I'm willing to pay.

LSP said...

Kid, it's stupid pricey.

Too bad you're not here, we'd help you out! You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff...

Kid said...

Thank you for the kind offer.

As an aside, imagine the number of times people toss something out you could use. Ha.

LSP said...

Good call, Kid. Hugely.