Thursday, December 2, 2021

Well, Well, What Have We Here

Typical Texan HVAC Scene

Busted HVAC. Good thing Craig turned up before Morning Prayer to sort it out. And there we were, looking at the malfeasant unit. "Cuts off when the cover goes on. Why? Faulty board, pressure?" I didn't know but stood back while HVAC friend took a call from Waco.

"I need duct for... and some foots... and..." he turned to me me, call ended, "Where are we living, Babylon?" Ain't that the truth, and we discussed the current insanity of the way we live now. Then it was time to head to Itasca.

Karen's Authentic Mexican Food (it is)

Itasca's an interesting little town, mainly because of its Amish(?) deli and Karen's Authentic Mexican Food. I like both but prefer Karen's, where you can get an awesome homemade bean brisket burrito. That in hand, off to the compound to meet a hauler. His job? Take out a '50's Chevy Panel van and an '82 'vette, which is exactly what he did. 

It felt good, I tell you, being under the big sky and open air of Texas as opposed to some ersatz, strip mall facsimile. Not that I pour scorn any which way. Go on, knock yourself out at Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, Taco Bell, subWay, Panda Express or whatever, or enjoy Karen's. Your call. No rule.

In other news, an old pal's setting up some kind of pop concert at Chanel's HQ in Paris. In homage to Coco, or just for bucks? Maybe both. Whatever, if you want to get on the VIP list send an email, we can only say no, or YES.

Whatev. I'm not joining the Parisian party because I can't fly. No DevilVax you see.




Wild, wild west said...

I haven't been on an airplane since March 2020. Nor do I intend to be on one until the vax/face pantie restrictions to liberty are lifted. If that's never, I'm good with that.

Bob said...

At least no trannies on the Chanel site. Send me one of those burritos would ya?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Karen's Place. Sparked memories of other small family operated restaurants I've enjoyed.

Bob said...

WWW, Last flight 1999. I purposely did not upgrade my driver's license to allow me to fly, now I can't even if I wanted to which will be never again anyway.

LSP said...

Same here, WWW.

LSP said...

Bob, my pal texted me, "Guess what, I'm running a gig in Paris, at Chanel. I HATE fashion." Well, there could be worse venues and per you, no trannies, bizarrely.

Burrito? Coming right up. Man they're good; I always take LL there and he'll vouch for the quality.

LSP said...

Really good value, WSF. Yum.

LSP said...

Bob, flying became an increasing nightmare and now it's more so. I don't miss it. That said, I've got a boy in Calgary... grrrr.

LL said...

Why is the van creepy?

LSP said...

It's just got this weird vibe, LL. Glad it's gone.