Monday, December 20, 2021

Doddering Old Crook


It's been a good day. Some final "barning," running around and taking care of business, getting a prime rib for Christmas while we're still allowed to buy meat, and then home, only to see a picture of a doddering old mountebank.

There he was, the most popular president figure ever in the history of popularity greeting his new popularity dog, Commander. Look, what a lovable dog lover our Commander in Chief is! runs the risible PR. Is anyone fooled? Not Major, Biden's last dog who understandably took to biting everyone he saw on sight within the Beltway. But speaking of PR, perhaps you've seen this cheery Christmas message from the White House?

Wow, ding dong merrily on high, peasants. Better obey and vax up, serf, or you're gonna die and not just you, the very fabric of healthcare itself. We have to ask, what firm, what K Street gang of geniuses delivered this stunningly vote-winning campaign to our ruling elite gerontocracy. The same people who launched Commander at our Beloved Leader's pipestem ancient legs? 

Maybe they need to be fired, for sheer incompetence if nothing else. In the meanwhile, all the world continues in hysteria at an illness which might, possibly, kill 0.3 percent of the people it infects, but nonetheless makes others even more obscenely rich than they were already.

Your Irascible Friend,



Kid said...

I'll take overloaded hospitals for 1000 Alex.

WHOOP WHOOP the Daily Double !

I'll bet it all.

Answer: What will we not see pictures or videos of all winter ?

Ding Ding Ding !

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Waiting for the bright boys and girls to find a way to link COVID with climate change. I'm sure they are working on it.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Amerika 2021: Where our "leaders" wish death upon us.

Jim said...

Omicron sounds like a good name for a villain in the Marvel universe. It sure is nice of Brandon to mask up before attempting to pet Commander. Wouldn't want to infect the puppy.

LL said...

The corrupt, creepy, old, child molester can't help himself. Wickedness and evil ooze out of him.

Paul M said...

Don't let the despicable's steal your joy. Tonight (maybe) Adderall Joe will tell us how we're immoral for not getting the Not-A-Vax. God help him if he invokes The Almighty.

Kid said...

We need like buttons here.

Anyway the next variant will be called Decepticon.

Old NFO said...

Yawn... Ignoring the old fart. And it's pretty sad when they have to bring out the puppy to try to 'salvage' the reputation.