Wednesday, December 22, 2021



There we were, in some kind of biker go-down in 1996 and it was New Years Eve, high spirits, right? And there I was in a blazer and regimental tie, pretty snappy. So one thing leads to another, "Happy New Year fella!" And enormous 8' tall biker bloke replies, "Is it, fkr!"

We look each other in the eye, me staring upwards, obviously, and there's a moment of, what can we say, friction. Will this end well or not? And it does. "Errrr, leave 'im alone, he's called Adolf, he's alright." And so I was. Curiously, I was the last man standing at that party, tie and all. Can't let the regiment down, what?




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Circa 1965 the US Army in Germany still paid troops in cash. Once a month an officer and two armed guards were flown by chopper to Bremerhaven to pick up the cash. We would be there three nights. From the various units perhaps 50-60 enlisted swine were present.

A US Navy cruiser came into port. As I understand, one half of the crew got shore liberty one night and the other half the next night. The sailors discovered the laxative effect of German beer. The first two evenings the town was full of drunk sailors. Third night? Just some harden lifers who had drank swill in every port in the world and were immune. We ventured to ask one what the heads were like aboard? He merely grimaced.

LSP said...

Dear Lord, WSF, the things we do in our youth. Grimace is entirely appropriate!

Dad of Six said...

I am afraid too many RC shepherds are becoming wolves. I was also surprised (not) to see the Archbishop of Canterbury pushing the jab a couple days ago. I guess they know better than we do.

Wild, wild west said...

I got a short primer on the differences in Irish whiskey from the IRA one time.

It was, um, enlightening, you might say.